Why The Blue Porsche 911?


I’ve been asked this question more than once. Sometimes it comes more elaborate…

“Luke, I don’t get it. I know your hobby is cars, but you’re Italian, as was Enzo Ferrari, Ferruccio Lamborghini! Why on Earth are you focusing on a 911? It’s dated, has been around for the last 50 years, it’s not impressive anymore! Wouldn’t you rather roam around Europe in a magnificent red Ferrari? Oh yes, and by the way – why blue? And why Europe?”

Fair enough. These are all great observations. I wouldn’t be writing this post if it wasn’t for some important points, ALL relevant to the Blog. So, you’ll get to know me a bit better, and decide – or confirm – if it’s worth your time to keep following it.


So… What’s The Point?

If you’re following this blog with curiosity, you might have noticed that, surprisingly enough, we (the Monkey and I) have almost always a point!

In this particular case, we have a point: SUBSTANCE!

Think about it, and relate it to what you’ve been reading so far. The Porsche 911 is THE quintessential substance! In practically ALL aspects, it’s THE model we’d love to emulate in our own Forex Trading adventure!


Form & Function

The 911 has been around for 50 years, all right. During all this period, though, what they did with the 911 was its continuous pursuit of perfection.

Today, the 911 is a masterpiece, the perfect balance between form and function! Isn’t it what we’d like to achieve here, with our Model T System, with our R3D3 robot?
Ferrari F12


And The Others?

Nothing against Ferraris, please don’t get me wrong! But, once again, it’s a question of substance.

  • The red Ferrari is flashy, the blue 911 is not. I’m not flashy, and I don’t do things to impress others;
  • Both are fast, of course. Ferrari, though, is brutally fast. The 911 is purposely fast;
  • Both are supercars, all right. One was born this way, the other conquered the status over time;
  • Both are money: one is “new”, the other is definitely “old”!
  • The 911 was (and still is) designed for car lovers. Ferraris have to adapt to footballers’ taste.

All the above exudes substance for the 911.

I’m here for that. To understand and emulate, with our little R3D3 creation, what Porsche sublimely did with the 911 during the last 50 years.


What Else?

Oh yes… “Why blue?” – Blue suggests life, serenity, happiness, profit… Wanna compare with red? Or black?…

And… “Why Europe?”Why not? But that’s not the only reason, of course. There’s a certain anti-climax having to drive a 911 at 55 mph on a bullet-straight American Interstate. Need I say more?


The Missing Link

I’ll have to go back a few lines, and elaborate on one of the above points about substance. This will wrap up the spirit of our journey.

“Both are fast, of course. Ferrari, though, is brutally fast. The 911 is purposely fast.”

What’s the difference?

Substantial… believe me! Let’s see how both instinctively address their projects:

  • The first: “We’ll put together this 820 hp engine, this rigid chassis, this red shiny body, this independent suspension. At the end, let’s test the whole thing, and see how it goes!”;
  • The second: “We’ll build this blue car to output 401.3 bhp, reach 204.72 mph, 0-60 in 4.063 sec, 2.74 g-force at 65.3 degrees curves, at 8.86% fuel economy over last year’s model.”

Of course – please – of course it’s NOT exactly like that, but we got the idea, right? Including the Italian exclamation mark… and the German absence of it!

Both have merits, obviously… but one has loads of substance! 

Thanks for watching…



  1. Great explanation! I always wondered why the blue 911. But now I see the consistency between your car taste and the way you trade. It makes a lot of sense!
    I’ll be following your posts from now on.
    Let’s build this residual income, one solid step at a time!

    • Hi Taylor. Welcome to the Blue Box! Your comment means the world to me! I’ll be posting comparisons, analogies and paradoxes all the time. My wife things I’m a bit too “Italian”. and I LOVE her for that, but you know what? She’ll also LOVE that Blue 911 around Europe… guaranteed! Great to have you around. Let’s see if we get to “residual income” fairly soon! Saluti carissimi…

  2. I spent a few days constructing (in my mind) a “smartass” comment/obsevation/question concerning your recent blog about the now infamous “Blue 911”. I just logged on to post my “devilishly smartass” word-work but, Lo & Behold, you’ve got there before me with your own “devilishly smartass” rationale for the “Blue 911” and rendered my verbal creation OB three off the tee!
    I’m not yet a convert in positive concerning the “BADass 911” but, I’m feeingl the wind dropping out of my sails as I write!
    I’ll need to be a bit sharper in future!
    Toodle ‘Pips’ Bro!

    • Ivan, my dear friend… FANTASTIC to see you here! You should abandon everything else, and start WRITING! I LOVED your comment! Still laughing…

      I miss you, bro. Golf is NOT the same without you. Leave Ireland behind (Mc Ilroy is now at The Masters), and come back to paradise island… bringing, of course, your beautiful women along! You belong here, fighting the windmills!

      Let’s produce pips together? Thanks again for the inspirational words!

      Saluti carissimi…

    • There are thousands of “windmills” here Bro! (Demanding my undivided attention) . . . I’m currently in intensive “on the job” training to hone my fighting skill.

      Clearly you are right concerning “GOLF not being the same without me” . . . I tend to turn GOLF on its head and it becomes a “FLOG”.

      Wish I was there!

      Like we moto racers say here in Ireland . . . “Keep ‘er between the HEDGES Bro”.

      Toodle PiP.


    • FLOG? Man… You’re scratch at FLOG?!? Must have been those Isle of Man’s moto-races, for certain…

      Let’s start again… Ivan, dear Ivan… it’s called GOLF… repeat with me… G-O-L-F… Capito? 😉

      And, once again, best windmills are here!… lol

      Saluti, bro!

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