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Ford Model T

I started blogging consistently on April 1st, precisely 30 days ago.

The response from you has been awesome! Apparently “somebody” is reading this enchilada!

I’m fairly new at blogs, as you can see. But “professional” bloggers say that this things start precisely like that. A little bit of traffic (it’s where I am), later on a little bit more… and a little bit more… and no comments (or very few of those). Comments will become more frequent later on.

I understand that! Most of us are shy when we have to post a comment, especially if we’re the first to do so…

I do the same. When I find something I like on a blog, a laugh or I cry… and then I tell my friends, I refer the link… but very rarely I post a comment!

Why? Well, I really don’t know. And I don’t think I’m shy. But there’s always that little feeling that I missed something in the process, and now I’m intervening with a comment that all the other readers are far, far tired of discussing about… or that I’m exposing my ignorance on the subject… or… anyway, there’s always an “or”…

Now that I’m a consistent blogger (cool, isn’t it… a “blogger”. I like the way it sounds… “blogger”), I’m feeling more and more confident about sharing “stuff” online. And I’m really… REALLY enjoying every minute of it!


Exactly… What’s Next?

After this first 30 days of trial and error, of posting a bit of this and a bit of that, I created a sense of purpose for this hole thing.

We’ll “seriously” (please notice, I didn’t say “with seriousness”, which will NEVER happen) get into the subject in hand, which is “Creating Residual Income Trading Forex”.

It’s a fairly hard concept to swallow, I know… please believe me… I know!

What we’re trying to do here is to create “consistency” out of a “risky” model that behaves “randomly”!

  • We’ll talk about that, starting tomorrow, the first day of “some” seriousness around here!
  • We’ll analyze the past a little bit, just enough, though, to avoid “paralysis analysis”… the killer of every single thing that “could’ve” gone well.
  • We’ll structure our time and our blog to follow a natural flow… NO STRESS… NO FEAR!
  • And we’ll get deeply into the simple structure of the Model T Forex Trading System.
  • Building R3D3 will be a pleasure… but will come at the end.

If we’re smart enough, we’ll ALL pitch in with ideas and contributions to produce the best “Residual Income” solution out of a very risky environment!

Is it really feasible? We’ll see. We’ll only know if we try!

Cool? Great!

See you tomorrow…

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