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Sometimes I catch myself staring at my forex screens… and thinking!

To my daughters, whenever they say “Dad, I was thinking…”, I immediately intervene with: “That’s good, that’s very good!” – and they get mildly crazy with: “Dad, come on… let me talk!”

Daughters! They all wanna “talk”! 😉

Yes, thinking about… “What if…”

And there you go! I’m stubborn and opinionated, and sometimes I just need to TRY the “other” side of things… whatever that is… right?

Well, yes… but that’s not the only reason, of course.



What I notice nowadays is a strongly unbalanced behavior in ALL markets I stumble upon.

What used to be a fairly well mannered sequence of events, usually corroborated by a combination of Technical Analysis and Fundamentals (which, for day-traders, are the “news”), is going through a transition that resembles, in its great majority, the chaos theory.

A sudden change in direction on any Forex chart, for instance, used to be followed by an almost certain continuation in the other direction. That alone was enough to give you the almost certainty that the “just stopped” trade would be compensated, when reopened, by a subsequent profitable journey.

Well… things are changing. Volatility is producing some fairly ugly charts (you’ll get to know them in this session), and is opening the doors to experimentation.

Is this a bad thing? No… absolutely not! “That’s good, that’s very good!” 😉

It’s a great opportunity for us – the not-so-lazy Forex trading people – to get out of our comfort zone and end up with a reinvented wheel… most probably a pretty cool one!

Thank God I’m not alone anymore. Dr. Tumbili is my stable alter ego, and he’ll keep following the Model T Forex Trading System by the book, while I start “experimenting”. And you guys will help me in this journey, right?… Or, even better, I’ll end up helping you…

The “WHAT IF…” persists:

  • What if I change the time frame?
  • What it I apply the Model T to the Asian forex trading session?
  • What if I combine pairs?
  • What if I play some contrarian game?
  • Etc…

That’s why I’m launching this Category: for us to think about “what if…” together!

It’s a great session for interaction. Whenever possible, I’ll test our ideas, and we’ll have fun building the “Dream System”!

Times are changing, and we have to change with them!

Tomorrow I’ll post the first of our “what ifs”: it’s called “On The Contrary”

Can you guess what it’s all about? 😉

Thanks for watching…


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