Welcome To The Blog!

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Hello there… and welcome to the Blog!

Dr. Tumbili and I are really delighted you’re here, following “this” – what seems to be, at first glance, a total forex trading nonsense!

Little by little, though, you’ll find yourself smiling at something that happened to you as well: “Funny, it’s EXACTLY as they described!”…

Over time, you might also find this “Dr. Tumbili” guy not as stupid as you thought… not as “out of touch” with what Forex Trading “should be”… since you’re now one of us, a fed up fellow, outraged and frustrated by what forex “has been” so far for you!

Today is April 1st, 2013… our first “blogging” day.

Yes, exactly… April Fool’s Day! It’s a significant date to start a blog (we’ll always have an excuse!)… 😉

Today is also a first for other little things:

  • I’ll start with the ridiculously lame: “It’s the first day of the rest of our lives” (it’s not gonna be that stupid from now on, I promise);
  • It’s the first day of my total exposure to making a fool of myself, to criticism and to bad mouthing;
  • It’s the first Dr. Tumbili’s trading day online. Significantly, the first day in History a monkey takes control of his own Forex Trading Account;
  • It’s the first day of a new Quarter;
  • What else? Oh yes… It’s the first day of our Forex Trading Adventure towards “Residual Income”!

Memorable day? Oh yeah…

We’ll either become Porsche 911 heroes, or we’ll be forever remembered as THE village idiots in Forex Trading History!

To be totally honest, this isn’t really the first time this blog re-starts itself. But now, Dr. Tumbili and I think we have the right format… and we’ll stick to it!

I’ll NOT publish every day’s trades, at least not for now… It becomes boring and too technical. Not good… not good at all!

Today, though, I’ll make an exception… so you’ll have a chance to visualize Dr. Tumbili in action… trading the Model T Forex Trading System.

Here it is… as SIMPLE as it gets:


Model T Forex Trading System - EURUSD - April 1, 2013 Trades


Model T Forex Trading System - EURUSD - April 1, 2013 Transaction History


Thank God he had a profit today! About 1.1%, fairly good for a 4 hour work. And probably good enough for you to start paying attention to Dr. Tumbili and the Model T Forex Trading System! 🙂

He well deserved his banana… and now he’s home, taking a nap!

We’ll have time to get into the little trading details as we go along. For now, though, it’s time for a beer… and for dreaming about the 911!


A Little Note from the Situation Room:

All our nonsensical quotes and notes have only two purposes:

  1. To build “Residual Income Trading Forex”;
  2. And to have fun in the process!


I’ll end up posting essential articles in different Categories, so we’ll be always in touch with what is needed to reach THAT Forex Trading Room: the 911 driving seat!

Welcome once again… and please start writing comments. They’ll be a lot better than my chatting enchilada, anyway… that’s for certain!


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