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Deconstructing Model T

“Deconstructing Model T” is the bread and butter of this blog.

Here we’ll use reverse-engineering to understand why the Model T Forex Trading System evolved from “total complexity” to “extreme simplicity” over time.

This is precisely the main difference between the engineer and the monkey.

Evolution is an opposite concept for both of them:

  • The engineer loves to see his creations getting more and more complex. He feels a sense of accomplishment by tweaking with the infamous “rocket science”. In other words, he thinks he’s evolving by complicating things!
  • The monkey only aims at one thing: efficiency! Once the task is over, he eats bananas (his real target), and sleeps. He thinks he’s evolving by simplifying things! 

Finally, to transform the engineer in a monkey, we’ll follow the same steps: we’ll use – exactly, you guessed again – reverse-engineering.

Darwin would’ve been thrilled!


Understanding What We’re Doing

Trading Forex is one of the simplest yet most intriguing activities. If we don’t understand what we’re doing, chances are we’ll seriously screw up things big time!

Understanding that you need a System to trade is beyond discussion. You NEED a System to trade! Period.

“OK, but… why does it have to be simple?” – you say.

Actually, it doesn’t. If you had the certainty that, let’s say 10 years from now, you’d be trading the same exact System you’re trading today… than maybe – just maybe – your System could be as elaborate as it gets.

Trouble is… things change!

And like everything else in life, we deal with “compromises”.

I believe that, if we’re NOT professional Forex traders – and we are NOT, or we wouldn’t be writing or reading this! – we ought to build the best Model T Trading System, instead of the worst Ferrari Trading System! Or we’d get crazy with maintenance… as we’d get with a real Ferrari!

The road ahead becomes simple as well…

  1. Let’s confirm that the Model T Forex Trading System is really a fairly profitable System, first. Everywhere in this blog we talk about it, especially at “Results 2012 and 2013”;
  2. Let’s understand how it was built. We’ll do that here, in this session called “Deconstructing Model T”;
  3. Let’s build our robot, based essentially in what we learn about the Model T. We’ll do that at a session called “The Road To Robot”, the heart and soul of this blog, starting next week.

What’s left to be done after that, to properly structure this blog for success?

I’ll make available my booklet called “Model T Forex Trading System, And Its 2012 Analysis”, as a free PDF downloadable file.

Then we’ll all be totally ready to fly!…

Life is beautiful? Life is great!…

Thanks for watching…


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