Trading Forex From Tuscany


Be highly suspicious on the subject. Tuscany is my Homeland!

If you don’t want wonderful surprises in your life, skip this session. I’ll spoil you with images and comments about “what life could be about” if, and only if, you dare to dream about mixing Forex with art, poetry, wine, sights, music and painstakingly good food!


Tuscany San Gimignano

“Could I trade from there? Really?” – is what I’d love to hear from you.

Two weeks ago I sent you to “Paradise Island”, in Brazil. Last week it was a dream excursion throughout the world of Hot Rods – some that you can even afford now, before the “incoming” Residual Income (sorry for that: I love playing with words, and the great majority of times they don’t even make sense!)

Now things start getting more and more serious. We can never take venues like Tuscany lightly. We ought to explore it deeply!


And now that I’m thinking about it, I’ll start a brand new category called, precisely and for all it’s worth, “Trading Forex From Tuscany”!

Let’s see if the posts inspire all of us to grab our Blue 911s and roam around Tuscany!

LOVE the idea…

Blue 911 Around Tuscany

My dear friend PG is from Rome. I confess, I know very little about his Region – Lazio!

“Lazio and Tuscany are neighbors, all right, and Italy is so small!” – you’d say.

I agree 100% with you. That’s a shame we Italians sometimes know all there is to be known about our own backyard, and neglect to appreciate the beauty our cousins have to offer.

Who knows! Joining forces, PG and I could start a new session (or change the name of this one) called something like “Trading Forex From Italy”!

What a great fun it would be… I’ll call him right now!

Thanks for watching…



  1. Ahhhhhhh! Luca, FFS!

    I have no more defenses.

    My resolve to argue with your reason, if that’s what it is (your REASON that is, not my RESOLVE), is lying in tatters under my desk. My dream of my white(ish) Palio with super cool Italian wheels appended has evaporated!

    Tuscany . . . .
    Bad ass, blue Porshe 911 . . . Yeah! put the re-invented wheels on too!
    Trading Fore!! x!! . . . Did you see what I did there? He! Hee! Heee!!!
    I’m in . . . FFS!

    All my life I’ve been paying the freakin’ “residual”,
    “residual income”

    C ya l8r Bro!

    • Ivan… I miss you, Bro!…

      You really make my life a smiling experience! What exactly do you want to do? Forex, residual income (which, by the way, is NOT an activity… let’s make it clear 😉 ), or Tuscany?!?

      Your whitish “something” is not out of place in Tuscany. We Tuscan love art… and weird stuff. Now. which one is it?… lol…

      Come back to paradise island, man… Golf is not golf without you!

      Saluti carissimi…

  2. I have no words Bro!

    Just having a wee laugh to myself.

    I’m here in Ireland, preparing accounts for the IR, searching for my/the residual, the bit left over, the bit for me I assumed, I can’t find nothing! Ahhh! What the blazes . . . I started with NOTHING, I’m not finished yet but, alas, there is yet NOTHING, but, so far, getting to here, I’ve had a ball. That counts for something doesn’t it?

    Maybe I’m the only man in history who got “his bit” at the start of the ride. Could be!

    A thought just came to mind . . .

    Someone, I remember who, once said to me “the things that make you who you are or what you will become are the same things that change you or re-direct you . . . they are, the books that you read and the people that you meet”. I’ve been MADE, CHANGED and RE-DIRECTED so many times but, . . . . . Like I said before, I’ve had a ball so far. The people that I’ve encountered on the way really have MADE, CHANGED and RE-DIRECTED me and YOU are one of the prime examples and I’m quite sure you’re not done yet, be gentle with me Bro! I’m getting on a bit now, change doesn’t come so easily anymore. He! Hee!! Heee!!!

    I think my residual has/did/does reside in perpetual taxation and inflation, same thing really I suppose, but anyway the net result (on paper at any rate) is the same . . . zip, nil, zero, nada, nought.
    Perfectly balanced set of books eh? Par for the course I suppose!
    Right!!! The only “balanced” thing in my life so far! Result!!!!!!

    Did I say at the begining of this script “I have no words Bro!”?
    Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!
    Take a day off Ivan!

    Thanks for your kind words.

    Talk to you soon.

    • Dear Ivan,

      My sentimental Irish friend! You can touch deep when you want, man! I share your feelings… You’re one the most genuine and wonderful persons I’ve ever met! Trust me…

      Probably Belfast is not the happiest place on Earth on a rainy Saturday morning, I can understand that. Followed by tax paperwork, man, it’s just certainly unbearable.

      I have a serious proposition for you… and please take note that I’m making it publicly, on April 27, 2013, for History to be properly registered. And this REALLY has to do with the RESIDUAL INCOME we so frequently talk and dream about.

      Please click here, and your life will change… I PROMISE! This time, Bro, I’m really dead serious…

      Take some time off to read everything, watch the videos, listen to the audios. It’s THE new trend, I’m already doing it full time (aside from Forex), and we can do this together, even with oceans between us.

      I KNOW you’ll call me back pretty soon… eheheh…

      Time to move on… and it starts right NOW!

      Saluti carissimi, from your devoted Italian friend…

  3. You know what Bro!
    Strike that freakin’ whitish Palio, cool wheels an’ all!

    I want a red 998cc Ducati . . . cool wheels of course!

    I’m gone!
    Over the horizon on the back wheel!
    Freakin gone!

  4. I did,
    I’m watching now.

    • Cool… It’s a brilliant old idea, made now viable by the power of the Internet.
      And there are some details that make it unique.
      Let’s talk about it later.
      Ciao, Bro

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