Trading Forex From San Gimignano

San Gimignano - Tuscany

You are on a mission: prove to the World that you can be Trading Forex from Tuscanycreating Residual Income at the same time!

Wow!… This is HUGE! It means, in short, being a trader AND having a life at the SAME time!

Today you are in San Gimignano. After leaving the blue 911 at Piazzale Martiri di Monte Maggio, and lazily walking towards the old town, you finally cross the gate at Via San Giovanni.

It’s mid morning, you have the whole day in front of you, and you’re crossing that gate hand-in-hand with the love of your life!… That lovely person who lived the whole life besides you for moments like these.

Yes, moments like these… of TOTAL freedom!

On your left, just a couple of steps inside the old town, there’s an inviting “Gelateria”, a tribute to war “Combattenti”. You sit at one of those round tables on the street, and order your “gelato”… THE ice-cream of your life!

The Forex London session is at full speed. Some time ago you’d be stuck to 8 screens following it, biting your nails, cursing to the “idiots”!

Now you’re in Heaven, enjoying your “gelato ai mirtilli”, at the Via San Giovanni gate of San Gimignano… telling your partner how much in love you are!

It’s still early for lunch. You don’t need to, but you take your tablet out of the backpack, open the R3D3, and verify, to your immense joy, that EVERYTHING is by the book… The robot is, FINALLY, creating your dream life! And you shut your tablet DOWN!

How far away are we from this scenario?

Trading Forex from San Gimignano

Not far, not far. But let’s not spoil the moment talking about Forex, shall we?

After a couple of hours of lazy pleasure, the gelateria’s owner recommends a simple, little, inconspicuous trattoria for your lunch: the Chiribiri.

“Is it far?” – you ask.

With a gentle smile he reminds you that nothing in San Gimignano is “far”. “These are towns built, in the old times, by people for people!”

Trattoria Chiribiri is just ten steps around the corner, for one of the “simplest best meals” of your life!

I can stay the whole day here talking, and talking, and talking… But I won’t! What I need is for you to FEEL the difference… to badly WANT this life… to get CRAZY on its pursuit!

I am!

Thanks for watching…


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