Trading Forex From Europe

Trading Forex From Europe

This session started life as “Trading Forex From Tuscany”…

Then I thought: “Why not extending it to Italy?” – You heard me say that before…

Now… thinking a bit more about it, if I want to “roam around Europe with my 911, why not talking about EUROPE?”

And there you have it. We upgraded the session to “Trading Forex From Europe”!

I’ll research venues, routes and all sorts of European goodies, for all of us, “retired forex traders now robot employers”, to enjoy and build SERENITY around it!

In the meantime, dream through the images.

Trading Forex From Europe

Trading Forex From Europe

Trading Forex From Europe

Trading Forex From Europe


Trading Forex From Europe


Thanks for watching…



  1. Hey Luca,

    That’s where I live, Ireland, It’s in in £urope, isn’t it?
    Bring all the serenity that you can muster Bro, we need it.

    A few extra Dollars, Yens or £uros wouldn’t go amiss either.

    Where is the castle in the first photograph located?
    It looks just like the castle in my local town called Carrickfergus!

    Talk to you soon Bro!


    • That’s Scotland, man. You neighbors, cousins actually!

      And yes, Ireland IS in Europe… last time I checked… And YES, the blue 911 WILL roam around Belfast, trust me!

      Saluti carissimi, bro…

      PS: Did you REALLY say “I need some HEAVY stuff maaannnn…” in your previous post? Please grab a cigar, sit on your favorite armchair, and watch this, PLEASE: (you’ll need to input your email again, sorry for that… It’s a DIFFERENT video than the one you watched before)

      But this is powerful, it WILL change your life, IF we do this together… And I’d REALLY LOVE to roam around Europe with you, each of us in our own 911… playing GOLF around IT ALL!!

      Ivan, please trust me. I haven’t heard me before (because you’re samrt, very probably so… hehehe… but trust me this time!

      Tell me later…

      Love talking to you again…

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