The Invasion Of The Lesiches

Technical Analysis

I don’t know if you noticed, but we’ve been facing the invasion of the Lesiches all over again.

Lesiches come and go at will, but they NEVER disappear, though. They’re present everywhere, especially on TV and Cable Networks! 😉

They speak a weird language, ALWAYS assertive (like they know what they’re talking about… what’s “goin’on”)… They DON’T “Do It!”, but they tell OTHERS to “Just Do It!”, because they know “it all”, because they are the Lesiches, after all…

Still puzzled?

Very well… The “Lesich” is the “Left Side of Charts” kind of people… the one that “knows it all” about the PAST, to tell you what “to do” in the future.

The Lesich is that guy that will tell you “it’s OBVIOUS how you SHOULD have done: see the chart?” 😉

Yeah, riiiiight!

I’ve had a couple of those live in my life, especially those that had some sort of successful business in the past, and wanted to spread around the wisdom they gained by doing so. They think, by heart, that the same principles apply to Forex Trading… and they NEVER traded before in their life!

Those on TV are even better Lesiches. Because they have to talk ALL the time, one of their favorite subjects is, by only GLANCING at SHORT TERM charts, forecast the LONG TERM future!

And this is hilarious by itself! 😉 Just observe, and tell me if I’m totally wrong…

I wouldn’t say that the World is completely invaded by Lesiches. Just follow what the “smart money” is doing, and you’ll see that they’re taking counter-advantages of the Lesiches predictions. They KNOW where to go when Lesiches talk. I suspect, to tell you the truth, that they allow Lesicherism on purpose… They might even finance it!

What a great think it would be to become “smart money”, right?

The Lesiches should be wealthier than George Soros and Warren Buffett combined by now…

Are they? 😉

Thanks for watching…


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