The “Heavy” Traders Story

Air Balloon Over London

Hi, there!

Today I’d like to bring something amazing to your attention. A phenomenon that has been happening recently, with a certain surprising frequency, to all the nice people trading forex for a living… or for fun!

It’s the story of The “Heavy” Traders.

Please take a good look at yesterday’s (Apr 9, 2013) EUR/USD trading chart.

The "Heavy" Traders Story
Here’s the story. All happened aboard a hot air balloon calmly hovering above the London Exchange, and carrying some nice friendly chaps. It was yesterday – Apr 9, 2013 – just before the Markets’ opening.

  • At the exact moment the Markets opened (point 1), those chaps and their balloon got hit hard by a hammer… only God knows coming from where! They ended up at point 2, trying to figure out what on Earth had happened to them!
  • Then, little by little, they managed to light up the torch and, calmly and assertively, climb to point 3. The weather was perfect, with a very gentle and pleasant breeze.
  • At that point 3, Dr. Tumbili and I jumped aboard the balloon!
  • People complained we were a bit heavy. The balloon started struggling, going down a little, climbing after frantic fire, down again, up after more heating efforts, and so on, til we almost crashed at point 4.
  • Fed up with all that, we set on fire everything we had, in the attempt to make the darn balloon take off, once and for all.
  • It worked! At point 5, though, we were out of clothes to burn! The balloon – you guessed – resumed its fall to altitude zero. This time, at free-fall!
  • At point 6 it hit the ground violently, and bounced back to point 7.
  • Precisely at that very moment, the voyagers grabbed Dr. Tumbili and I, and threw us flying out of the gondola! “What the f… was that?” – we thought, while landing face down in the mud, naked, with our asses pointing right up at the sun!
  • And just like that, the balloon started to climb like there was no tomorrow, to point 8, up high in the skies! We heard the crew screaming: “So long, traders. You’re too heavy!” – Strangely enough, that word “heavy” (or was it the “traders”?) sounded remarkably similar to “suckers”. Must have been the breeze!

I vaguely recall one of them also shouting: “Go back to your 911, you freaks!”… Naaahh… can’t be possible – I’m just imagining, of course! 😉

Dr. Tumbili, by the way, was thrilled by the events: he managed to find his banana in the mud, ate it, and fell asleep right there… smiling!

D’you also feel like you’re thrown out of balloons, sometimes? Weird, isn’t it?

Thanks for watching…



  1. Sir,
    (and I use the term “sir” loosely!)

    This morning, Saturday 13/04/2013, I slipped out of bed, not the “slip” of an Adonis but more akin to the slip of slow moving lava, intent NO! utterly set on having a “BAD DAY”. ((Funny how I dow that occasionally) Ocassionally my ass).
    Anyway . . .
    11:15 am, my time, my plan, is fleshing out quite nicely thank you very much! It’s an even Badder day than I’d hoped for.
    Alas . . .
    “Ivan, let’s have a wee look at Lukes blog” I suggested to myself, OK! Lets!

    The “Heavy” Traders Story . . . my first port of call . . . I’ve been laughing my ass of since reading that little gem!
    Thanks for nothing Bro!!!

    Next time I want to indulge MYself in MY, self inflicted BAD DAY, I won’t be near your freakin’ blog!

    Thanks for nothing!

    See ya later Bro!
    I really enjoyed but, MY plans for MY day are ruined.

    • Hey Ivan, good to see you again! Sorry for ruining your day, Bro…

      Self inflicted bad day… and a freakin’ blog! Man, oh man, had I only known… 😉

      Try flog!

      Toodle pips to you too…


  2. I thing, ‘do’ shud be spilled ‘do’ rather then ‘dow’

    And . . .

    I thing, ‘of’ in respeck OF ‘off’ as opossed to ‘on’ shud be spelt ‘off’, am I wright?

    • Anyway you write is perfect! Including the “am I WRIGHT“!

      Yes Sir… you’re wright!

      Toodle pips, Bro… We all miss you here!


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