Stocks x Forex – Part 3


This “Stocks x Forex – Part 3” is dedicated, finally, to the subject in hand: Forex Trading!

My decision to start trading currencies was fairly simple – not to say “simplistic” – and somehow straightforward.


Finances According To Engineers

Let’s start with some darn Cartesian logic, shall we?

Here it goes…

The story starts with a reality check. Of all the flaws of an engineer, the strongest is the sheer lack of salesmanship. We engineers are very bad salespeople!

Therefore, the question was very simple:

“What can I do to make money NOT having to sell anything?”

And there you go: Forex Trading!

I can stop right here, since you already got the whole picture…

But being me, let me continue. I only do that for those that will obviously disagree with me! 😉


The Concept Of Selling

In truth, the “road to riches” was not that simple.

That one is a very intriguing question. It holds in its belly a gigantic paradoxical contradiction. Plus, there’s no such thing as “making money NOT selling”. It just doesn’t add up, unless you’re the one printing the money. Naaaah, I probably didn’t want that! 😉

A comprehensive understanding of my personality, though, pointed out that what I really “didn’t know how to do” – or “didn’t want to do”, for that matter – was the social interaction in the act of selling!

One of my previous activities was highly technical. We really bursted our derrieres off to come up with a perfect solution for handling phone calls in a more efficient and economic way.

Then came the time for the infamous “commercial efforts”.

My “theory” was flawless, or so I thought: we had simplified things to the extreme, to a point that the product could be defined by three words: “cheaper phone calls”. Period!

And that was the whole marketing strategy: “Cheaper Phone Calls”.

Simple as that? Simple as that!

I proudly thought to myself: “Even I can “sell” this product!”

Boy, oh boy… was I wrong?

When people started asking questions, the Italian blood was at the edge of boiling:

“What’s there NOT to be understood? CHEAPER – you know what “cheaper” is, don’t you? Yes, Sir, I do, I most certainly do! – PHONE – do you “really” know what a “phone” is? Sir, yes Sir, I do, I really do, and sorry, thank you! – CALLS – what do you do with a “phone”? You make… come on, repeat after me, you make… CALLS!! Right? Right?!? Oh yes, oh yes, Sir, no Sir, yes, right, I knew that one, you make “phones with calls”, I knew that! Thank you Sir for explaining so clearly…”

Cheaper Phone Calls

And just like that, one more vanished “customer”…

I don’t know about that. They say we need people skills for certain tasks. Naaaah! What sort of people skills do you need to sell “cheaper phone calls” anyway? 😉

At the same time I know the commercial part of the business is crucial, essential, and probably the most important in every enterprise. You can have the BEST product on Earth, if you don’t know how to sell it, you’re dead!


More Of That?

No, I didn’t think so! I was pretty sure I didn’t want more of that.

That’s why Internet Marketing and Forex Trading entered my life…

Internet Marketing? Yes, and way before Forex Trading…

But this is NOT the subject here. We can talk about it later on, if appropriate. I can tell just one thing, though: my Forex Trading schedule is such that I have many, many hours left during the day to do ALL the Internet Marketing I want.

And man, oh man… is it a fascinating thing or what? I LOVE it!


Why Forex?

The answer, I must say, is fairly simple:

  • I don’t sell anything to people… therefore I don’t have to kill them!
  • I exchange money for money. There’s, literally, no better liquidity than that!
  • I trade up. I trade down. It’s my choice, and I love to have choices!
  • I get to be involved in macro-economics readings. It fascinates me!
  • I can trade from a Blue 911. And that says it all!
  • I can have a meaningless Forex Blog like this one. I love every minute of it!

And since there’s no such thing as “Value Forex”, I’ll wrap it all up for the day.

Thanks for watching…


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