Forex Results


Hello again!

Needless to say, if you really hate numbers… you better click somewhere else! I’ll go CRAZY with them here, attaching $ signs, %s and all sorts of calculations everywhere


OK, ok…  just kidding!

But – and there’s always a “but” – if you want to deal with money, you need to LOVE numbers! 😉

That said, I’ll be light on you – it’s a promise!

If you are one of those fabulously simple (yet highly sophisticated) persons, in order to evaluate the proverbial big picture you’ll just need the following information:

  1. Initial Balance;
  2. Time Span;
  3. Final Balance.
  4. As a bonus – because you’re busy to calculate it yourself – the P/L Percentage Rate (profit/loss).

This set of results will always be the first to be posted in front of you, with our wishes of a happy 911 roaming life. The rest of those colorful numbers are there for us, the engineers!

Oh yes, I almost forgot.

We’ll be talking about Risk Exposure, which is pretty much all you need to know about numbers for now.

  • Risk Exposure is the MAXIMUM percentage of the account Balance that is EXPOSED to total loss by the OPEN trades. 

For instance, if my account’s balance is $100,000, and my trading system is set for 1% Risk Exposure, it means that, when I open one trade, the maximum amount of money that trade may lose is $1,000. If I open two trades, the maximum amount both trades may lose together is still $1,000. In order to do that, Stop Loss levels need to be set to avoid exceeding that amount.

I’m including this explanation here because whoever is new at the subject may easily become confused by this term.

Thanks for watching…


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