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I spent the last months analyzing the reasons why the Model T Forex Trading System results have been below expectations from September of last year.

Taking volatility aside – which is actually something all traders cherish so much (probably NOT at these levels, though! 😉 ) – I came to one sad and unfortunate conclusion:

London is NOT anymore the financial powerhouse it used to be till recently!

Sad? Yes, it is, actually… I LOVE London, but let’s be serious: take a good look at the charts and you’ll figure out for yourself. The financial market at “The City” was taken over by the butchers, the little petty scalpers with a super-computer button, and NOT by LEADERSHIP!

We ALL know how things USED to look like. Every single London open used to decide DIRECTIONS, TRENDS! Period. It could take a couple of indecisive turns once in a while, of course, but the trend would almost always arise from the “City’s” financial influence.


America is getting back on its feet… Europe is finally taking charge of minor things like Greece, or Portugal, and moving on… and London was left with the scrapes!

Come on, Sirs… We saw your Empire going from Victorian “never setting Suns” and Industrial Revolution models, to NO World influence and NO INDUSTRY anymore! Now this… You’re giving up the FINANCIAL LEADERSHIP!…

Please don’t do it! In the meantime, though, while you insist in keeping the scalpers and scumbags, I (and many others, believe me!) am moving on. I’m taking my trades to the initial hours of the NY session… and saying “so long, London… I’ll miss you!”

And you know what? I’m glad I’ll be sleeping more hours… I really, really need it!

Let’s see what happens. Starting Monday (Jun’03), a new story will begin: NY will be in charge of the Model T, which, by the way, is closer to Dearborn, Michigan, than London… 😉

Here’s the week…


Results Up To Jun’02, 2013














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