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Things changed in the market, all right… this is more than obvious to everybody involved in Forex Trading nowadays.

I agree only up to a certain point, though. My opinion is that these changes are significant, of course, but not up to totally defy and defeat Statistics.

Why do I say that?

Volatility is a big part of the game right now. But if occurrences are large enough to be inserted in a model, they end up becoming an intrinsic part of it. Right?

For better understanding, if we ONLY had volatility, volatility would become THE model. Fair enough?

Very well. The Model T Forex Trading System includes, in all its “wisdom” 😉 , the right tools to handle volatility. But, of course, the model is not pure volatility, or we’d be playing roulette at Vegas, wouldn’t we? A lot more fun, I’d say!

Therefore, since I trust that the market is not YET Vegas, our model is still valid!

Could I be a good defense attorney for Statistics?

But the facts are there, and we’re not gonna wait any longer to take action. The Model T has this provision, and I’m glad we thought about it in advance.

I’m lowering the risk exposure once again, this time to 0.75%, at least till we go back to annual break-even. And then we’ll see.

I also have the Plan B ready to be deployed at any time, if necessary. And what is it? It’s simply the Model T at smaller time frame.

Simple as that? Well, with a little difference here and there, yes, it’s almost as simple as that! 😉

Now… Think about this, for a moment.


Ugly Charts

What we’re doing here, essentially, is participating in the exchange of reserves between the two most powerful monetary systems on the planet: the US Dollar representing one of them, and the EURO representing the other.

Charts are nothing more than the visualization of this practice.

Very well. I’m not getting into an overall discussion about the subject, of course (it’s extensive to the point of covering years and years of academic studies), but let’s just put some simple facts under perspective, shall we?

  1. In an hypothetical  perfect world, both currencies would’ve reached the perfect balance. No changes, no speculation, no Forex Trading for guys like us.
  2. Are we in that perfect world? Somebody will certainly say: “Are you kidding me?!?” 😉 – Fair enough!
  3. Does anybody really believes that both the US and the EU live in the SAME world? Ok, ok… here’s the “are you kidding me?” again…
  4. So, what we’re facing right now, in my opinion, is precisely what we deserve! Both sides are trying to push and pull at their own convenience, and this is creating a high level of confusion and uncertainty, wonderfully expressed by the present levels of volatility, at every single time frame we analyze. The charts are – simply put – darn UGLY, as are the markets nowadays!
  5. At this very delicate moment in History, after what we ALMOST saw at the Lehman Brother’s debacle, wouldn’t it be LOGICAL for both sides to sit down, and finally at least TALK about the possibilities of a serious JOINT rescue operation, instead of just spreading BS around every single day of the week?
  6. The end result: we’re ALL losing! Well… probably not all. The “smart money” is winning. But that’s a given: the smart money ALWAYS wins! 😉

When you see Bollinger Bands opening and closing… opening an closing… opening and closing… Oh man, what a boring stuff! Every single sprint ends up dead for sheer lack of gas.

I’m just an engineer, so don’t get me wrong, since I’m really borderline stupid. But when a car keeps doing that, you just put the frikin’ gas in it… for God’s sake!! 😉

The most interesting thing behind Candlestick Charting, virtually its essence – we all know that, but some of us keep forgetting, once in a while – is the instant representation of that particular market’s MOOD.

If the CHART is UGLY, the MOOD is UGLY!

Simple as that? Well… for a simple minded engineer YES, it’s as simple as that! 😉

For the monkey? He doesn’t care. He’ll trade at 0.75%, and get his bananas.

Here’s the week…


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Thanks for watching…


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