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Two shoe salesmen were sent to Africa. After one week, both called headquarters.

The first: “I’m going back home. No hope selling shoes. Nobody wears them here!”

And the second: “Send more shoes. Big opportunity. Nobody wears them here!”

There are, as usual, two ways of seeing things. I can be sad for last week’s results, or I can be really happy saying: “This week will be great: it simply can’t be worse than last one!”

Right now, though, I’m blaming… the Monkey! 😉

I feel sad for the Blog. Since Dr. Tumbili took over trading 3 weeks ago, the Model T lost a bit more than 200 pips! Shame on him…

Since the beginning of the year, though, we are pretty much at break-even. Let’s call this “The Unfortunate 3.5 Months Lost”… and let’s move on!

This is pretty much the life of the disciplined Forex trader. Things run in cycles, but his patience should NOT, or he’d lose big time!


And here’s the “but” again…

I spent the last week, including the weekend, closely analyzing the Forex market. It’s more than obvious, just looking at the charts below, that people are lost more than bats in hurricanes. It really seems that everyone, including those nice politicians at the Bundestag, want some sense of direction, but simply can’t deliver it!

In the meantime, the “smart money” is having a party!

We’ll proceed with caution. We already lowered the Risk Exposure to 1.25%, and we’ll continue to do so IF necessary. Looking at the big picture, we’re still within parameters, with 6.4% maximum weekly loss, below our 7.5% target.

There’s also a plan B – which has to do with the time frame – that could be triggered at a very short notice. Trading the 15 min charts nowadays is definitely an adventure. One minute seems an eternity, imagine 15 minutes!

Now… Let’s keep the eye on the ball, shall we? There’s a whole barefooted Continent eager to wear shoes!

Here’s the week…


Results Up To Apr’21, 2013













Thanks for watching…


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