Monkeys Trade Better? Come On…


I knew you were listening!

Yes, monkeys make better traders than engineers. Teach them to press a button when the alarm goes off, give them a banana, and send them home at trading day’s end. Tomorrow it’s all over again.

That’s it!

Engineers love to complicate things. They’ll start with “fundamentals”, and they’ll keep going and going, in circles, till they decide “this thing doesn’t work!”. I know… I’m an engineer! 😉

Our goal here is to:

  1. Keep things simple;
  2. Emulate the Monkey Trader’s wisdom;
  3. Create residual income.

The Monkey Trader

Please notice I said “our” goal because we’ll do this “together”. The more I talk here, the more I put my ideas on paper (so to speak), and the more you interact:

  • the more we learn with each other;
  • the more crystal clear this “Forex Trading” thing solidifies in our own mind;
  • and the more friends we make.

Simple as that.

See you at the next post. Thanks for being here…


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