Model T Forex Trading Identity


The creation of a Model T Forex Trading identity started, more than anything else, by including our own – Dr. Tumbili’s and mine – personality!

Maybe it was more of a soul search. The understanding of what ticked in our minds… what made our feet move or stay put.

“What?! Whaaaaaat?!? – you ask.

Fair enough. I’m kind of sentimental today, I know. Anyway, let’s see what choices we had out there…


Range Bounders or Trend Followers

“Oh, now I get it! Couldn’t you just say so?!?” – you again.

Today, for some reason, I need drama. It’s the weather, for certain!

“Why? Is it like a winter rainy Isle of Sky windy kind of weather?” – you’re inquisitive today, aren’t you?… 😉

No, no… actually, it’s a wonderful sunny light-breeze day!

“What the f…?” – you’re now loosing it, man. Calm down… we’re talking about the Model T, after all!

I don’t know. SOME people are just bad listeners! 😉

Well, before I get interrupted AGAIN, we’re talking about “Range Bounders” or “Trend Followers”.

Which of those two are we?


The Laziness Of Price

We ALL know that the great majority of its time, price loves to be lazy. It’s like getting ready to leave for a long trip abroad.

You start getting ready a day, or a couple of days before the trip.

You go to the closet and get some pants that you KNOW you’ll need for the trip. Walk to the armchair to leave them there, in all calm and tranquility. You have plenty of time, after all.

Then you start going back and forth for socks… a couple, returning to the closet to exchange one of them… then t-shirts, and so on and on…

By the time you pay a little attention, half of your closet is piled up on the armchair. But you don’t care, you have time…

Then time goes by, you go for last minute shopping and come back, sleep, go for breakfast, shower, and resume your luggage preparation.

Today, though, a little speedier… as you feel a little anxiety building up – you’re just a few hours from leaving…

Till now, you noticed, you’re “Range Bounding”not really going anywhere, even though you’re constantly moving.

Little by little, though, you start accelerating your activity, realizing that you might, only might, get late for your flight if you don’t speed things up!

All of a sudden, you start bumping against your “Bollinger Bands”, throwing thing inside the bags, after realizing that YOU WILL BE LATE if you don’t run…

And you start running up and down, doing irrational things you should have done a long time before… but you procrastinated!

But you’re actually “still”Range Bounding! 😉

Finally, you FLY out of the front door for a speedy Super-Shuttle ride to airport: “Here’s additional $100. Step it up, man!”…

And this is when you – or the price, for that matter – start your “Trend Following” adventure, sometimes in a Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride sort of way!

Got the picture?


But What Is It For The Model T?

The Model T Forex Trading System acquired the personality of its creators. Dr. Tumbili and I hate this constant run to nowhere kind of nonsense, the eternal Bollinger Band kicking experience!

We like to know that we’re going places… regardless of where those places are!

The thing is, though, that the great majority of time we’re bumping on walls, for a sporadic run to glory!

Range Bound is more than a 70% reality… leaving the remaining 30% or less to runners… It’s like the whole World is almost ALWAYS preparing for long trips!

But we don’t care… Just let us run! 😉

We’ll get to know, over future posts, which Indicators are OK for us – the runners – but not so OK for the others – the wall-kickers! 😉

Thanks for watching…


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