Model T Forex Market Hours

forex market hours

We’ll start our journey by dissecting the Model T Forex Market Hours.

“Why on Earth do you wake up at 3:30 AM every morning? This in not life!” – is what I hear, once in a while, from friends who – I suspect – wouldn’t switch places with me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

In 2005, at the start of my Forex trading adventure, I bought ALL the books on “Forex”, ALL the books on “Trading”, ALL the books on “Forex Trading”… And then I got into ALL the forums on “Forex”, ALL the forums on “Trading”, ALL the… Well, I’m sure you got the picture!

But then, once again, simplicity took over.

Sometimes you need to know ALL there is to be known up there, to finally capture that particular sentence in the middle of the whole mess!

“If you have something to sell at auction, what auction would you choose? The one with half a dozen sleepy guys sitting in the audience, or that particular annual auction awaited by a whole population of hungry buyers?”

That’s a no-brainer, isn’t it?

The start of the London session, which is “usually” (“usually” because of those couple of weeks of delay between Continents in starting their Summer Savings) at 3 AM EST, is key to the market.

For the first hour, almost the whole World (with the exception of the Americas) is within business hours.

It’s the peak of the Auction House attendance! ๐Ÿ˜‰

It defines the mood of the day for the Western World, with a tiny bit of a tweak – that makes, overall, the WHOLE difference. The Eastern World is shutting its doors down, showing us what THEIR mood had been for the day!

Therefore, the first part of the trading day is either a continuation of the previous sessions, or a repositioning for the NY session later on, depending in great part upon the extension of previous trading ranges.

And if you’re NOT trading anything related to the British Pound, you’re fairly safe from “news” during the first couple of hours, since the “Euro” news are – or WERE – always relatively mild. It’s the OLD Continent, you know, sleepy and STABLE! Or so it WAS! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Simple as that? Well… this time it’s “probably not so”, but let’s keep it simple anyway: Yes, simple as that!

Convinced by all this – and much more – that the best forex market hours for us Westerners is the London session, I diligently committed to it!

Now, if you live in LONDON, that’s pretty much a fair game.


Oh, yes, a job! Why a job? Because if you have to follow the whole session, you just waste your whole day in front of screens… from 8 to 5, which is PRECISELY the definition of a… JOB! And I CERTAINLY didn’t want a job!

That’s why I wake up every single morning at 3:25 AM (to be totally precise) to start trading London at 4 AM (my paradise island local time, since I’m one hour ahead of EST).

And I LOVE it! Why? The Model T, you’ll see, is based on a couple of effective trades. If they’re NOT as “effective” as you wished for, you’ll MOVE ON to the NEXT trading day! Period.

That’s why, sometimes, I’m done with trading in a couple of hours, or, worse case scenario, by MY lunch time! Cool? Very cool! Whatever the case is, I can play golf after that!…

I love to wake up early every day. It seems like life has doubled its size! Most people don’t, and I understand that… but they should! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks for watching…


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