Hello From Luke

Hello Friends,

Here’s Luke again, this time to introduce you to a new session called “Forex According To Luke”.

Luke, searching for pips!

Luke, searching for pips!

I apologize in advance for not being as informative and clear as Dr. Tumbili’s session.

But, as you noticed already, Dr. Tumbili trades without emotion… even though he’s more than emotional and opinionated on anything else! 😉

I am, on the other hand, HIGHLY emotional on absolutely everything!

To the same question “What is Forex Trading, according to you?”, we both have slightly different answers:

  • Dr. Tumbili: “Forex Trading is pressing blue and red buttons when they light up… and then go home!”;
  • Luke: “Well… let’s start with Fundamentals. In the beginning of times, money…”, going on for about seventeen “easy for dummies” books and College papers!

Not that there’s anything wrong with that!

The thing is, though, that Dr. Tumbili could – and should – elaborate a little bit more, and Luke could – and should – elaborate a little bit less.

The truth, as usual, is in the middle. Hopefully more to the Dr. Tumbili’s “middle”… that’s for certain!

So, let’s have some fun with the engineer’s forex trading adventures, and let’s try to learn something from them.

I just can’t wait to start!

Thanks for watching…


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