Hello From Dr. Tumbili

Hello Friends,

I am Daktari Tumbili – or Dr. Tumbili, the Monkey Trader!

Dr. Tumbili

Dr. Tumbili

Luke kindly invited me to be part of this fantastic blogging thing that he’s so excited about.

I loved the idea, and here I am.

I just hope to be useful, though, since my real expertise is in “bananas”. My work at www.my-forex-trading-room.com is to follow the Model T Forex Trading System, so I’ll get to eat them!

Simple as that! (I learned the expression with Luke – he just loves it!)

But I’m a monkey, you know… Sometimes Luke, probably to show off and be respected by his pack – yes, his peers, the engineers – likes to complicate things a bit more than we monkeys can handle.

I don’t let him!

“Luke, listen to me!” – I say – “If you complicate things, I can’t trade the Model T properly. And you know what happens? I won’t get my bananas! So, please… please… shut up!”

And – surprisingly enough – he shuts up!

He constantly talks about a certain “blue Porsche”, and some place called “Europe”. Nah… I don’t know about that. I wanna stay here, and eat bananas.

Recently he’s also been talking about an R3D3 fellow, from a family of some “robots”. He said R3D3 will be my buddy, my friend, my inspiration, blah, blah, blah.

I just feel this R3D3 person wants my job! And my bananas…

Luke said:

“Don’t worry about that, my friend, I’ll arrange for you to become an “expert”, to be interviewed by Bloomberg TV, to be recognized as THE forex guy!”

Well… we’ll see about that. In the meantime, I’ll do my best till it lasts. But I don’t trust this R3D3, and I’ll keep a close eye on Luke: he seems to have different ideas about my future supply of bananas!


Forex Trading, According To Dr. Tumbili

He asked me to handle this session – “Forex Trading According To Dr. Tumbili”.

It’s an honor, of course. There’s not much I can say about it, though, but here it goes:

  • “Forex Trading is pressing blue and red buttons when they light up… and then go home!”

I’m sure Luke will be so proud of me! He says I’m a genius…

He wants me to chat about all sorts of weird things here.

A thing called “Fundamentals”, then a “Technical Something”, and then some “Indicators”,  “Candlesticks”, “EURUSD”… and so on… By the way, eurusd is not even a word!

I’ll do my best!

But then I asked him:

“Luke, you want me to talk… or to make money?”

He left the room mumbling, once again, how brilliant monkeys could be…

I’m glad he thinks so… I have more chances of keeping my job.

See you at one of those chats.

Thanks for watching…


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