The Beginning

Forex Trading

Forex Trading is now available to every single person with an Internet connection. Once a proprietary privilege of a few large banks and financial institutions, the art of trading forex is becoming a fever among small traders and investors… like us.

Not all of us start with the right foot, though. I certainly didn’t! And the price is always high if you don’t.

If you’ve been trading for a while you know what I’m talking about!

If you are new at this, though, there are two ways to be new:

  1. the total rookie;
  2. and the “new” that already started.

The latter possibly made some money on those famous few initial trades. He’s here with us only because he still doesn’t understand “why that great start didn’t become a habit”.

Among total rookies there’s a percentage that strongly believe in the “millions of dollars just waiting around the corner for grabs”.

I find this kind of nonsense very funny, and I sincerely hope you do too. Because if you don’t, be ready for some serious, serious reality check!

Forex trading is not something to be taken lightly. But it can be great if you approach it with the right attitude.


How About Saving Yourself Years Of Frustration?

My goal with this blog is not to teach anybody anything, but to learn with each other. You know that by now.

By telling you my story – the transition from engineering to forex trading, the years of losses, frustrations and gross mistakes – I’ll probably wrap up the whole process for you, and I’ll get myself a clearer picture. A win-win situation.

You’ll then be aware if some of those mistakes are in YOUR menu as well!

That’s it!


Is There A Secret To This?

My learning process was painful.

Despite  the thousands of hours on books, seminars, trading groups, theories, fundamentals, technical analysis, trading systems, and so on and on, I’m now convinced the secret is elsewhere.

The secret is in your attitude, in your mental strength!

  • “That’s why monkeys do better, and we’ll try to prove it here!”

In the process, you might end up saving yourself some years of frustration. A great trade off!

Thanks for watching…


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