Residual Income Trading Forex


Now… what exactly is “Residual Income”? And what does “Residual Income Trading Forex” mean?

Residual Income is all the recurring income that can be produced without our direct intervention (or something to that effect).

We all got the picture…

  • Write a book and publish it. The income is residual;
  • Have a property and rent it. The income is residual;
  • Learn forex and trade it. The income is…

“Hey, wait a second here! The income is not residual. I still have to be there to trade and HOPE to have some income!” – you say.

And you are right!

The issue is easily explained here, through the Residual Income Valuation:

Residual Income Valuation

Interesting, isn’t it?

OK, ok… just kidding. Back to our down to Earth case here…


Let’s Keep It Simple

How is it possible to have “Residual Income Trading Forex”?

Here it goes:

  1. One of the secrets of trading forex successfully is to have a System, and stick to it;
  2. If well structured, the System can be divided into simple procedures;
  3. The interconnection of those procedures results in a robot – or trading software;
  4. The robot will work for us while we travel around Europe on a Porsche – enjoying, you guessed, the residual income!

Is this possible? Sure it is!


This is the question ALL of us should be asking every time we see those fabulous offers promising 8,000% profit in 1 week! If this is not the first time you hear about trading robots, you know what I’m talking about!

To make it realistic, though, there’s some work to be done first. Let’s:

  1. Learn and understand forex trading;
  2. Develop our own trading system;
  3. Test it thoroughly;
  4. Develop our own robot based on our trading system. 

Of course, if we don’t want to become “professional” developers – therefore hiring ourselves a new boss, and spending our lives tweaking small pieces of software – we should keep everything SIMPLE!

Then – and only THEN – “Residual Income Trading Forex” becomes realistic!


One Last But Very Important Thing

Notice I never mentioned “Making Money” Trading Forex!

That would be teaching forex trading, and this is way beyond the scope of this blog!

I’m probably not even qualified to learn, let alone teach!

There are fabulously experienced forex traders around, highly qualified to teach. I am NOT one of them!

My focus here is EXCLUSIVELY on trying to create residual income using our own forex trading system. And chatting about it with you… having fun, of course. Period!

For some of us, residual income is just the extra revenue on top of a tiny savings account. Great!

For others, it could be trading their life savings… which I STRONGLY – I’ll repeat – I STRONGLY discourage!


But… What Would I Do?

Very simply the following:

  1. I’d trade conservatively (low risk exposure) the highest amount I feel totally comfortable to lose completely. $1,000? Fine! $10,000? OK! $100,000? If I feel ok losing $100,000 (as I’d be gambling it in Vegas), then $100,000 is also fine;
  2. When my account balance reaches double the initial deposit, I’d withdraw 1/2 of the balance, and continue trading with what then became 100% free money!
  3. At that point, I’d increase risk exposure just a notch!

And if my system is REALLY good enough, my robot will deliver – exactly, you guessed again – RESIDUAL INCOME!

Simple as that? Simple as that!…

Thanks for watching…


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