Simplicity Rocks

Ford Model T

Is this the secret behind successful Forex Trading?

Dr. Tumbili is fascinated by simplicity. In business, some of his mentors are:

  • Warren Buffett, for his old-school “value market” visions, and for having those visions far away from Wall Street;
  • Howard Hughes, for the flying fantasies that made him conquer the skies from simple drilling bits;
  • Sam Walton, for believing his core business was in serving, giving instead of receiving, and for dancing in Wall Street after becoming the best in doing so;
  • Steve Jobs, for embedding elegance into the best technology;
  • Christian Fabre, or Swami Pranavananda Brahmendra Avadhuta, for “losing his fear of losing”;
  • Henry Ford, for his geniality in dealing with simplicity!

Interestingly enough, NONE of them saw life and money like the rest of us engineers. Furthermore, they were ALL passionate about simplicity!

Anyway… Henry Ford, with his Model T, simply simplified simplicity!

Wow! How is that possible? Here…


See… we just made simplicity simpler!

That’s what he did when, little by little, detail after detail, he kept perfecting and simplifying… perfecting and simplifying… perfecting and simplifying,..

Was it 5% inspiration and 95% perspiration – as he used to say? Absolutely!


Ford Model T

There’s sheer geniality embedded in the Ford Model T.

Henry Ford experienced many failures, many frustrating trial-and-errors before he finally started manufacturing the Model T. Those previous experiences were, for him, “the necessary stepping-stones over which great moments in History are built”.

The Model T put the world on wheels, a world that has never been the same since.

Now… let’s deconstruct such experience. Why was it so successful?

  • For start, it was simple;
  • It was cheap;
  • It was strong;
  • And it was reliable.

Let’s deconstruct better:

  • It was extremely simple;
  • It was extremely cheap;
  • It was extremely strong;
  • And it was extremely reliable.

Henry Ford understood the importance of the superlative in all aspects of his project. Then, he worked hard to pursue it.

That’s it!

Ford Model T Assembly Line

Without that vision, he’d have been just another car manufacturer among the thousands in existence at the time.


The Model T Trading System

Can we apply, nowadays, the same philosophy to anything we do?

Absolutely! The basic principle is simplicity.

That’s why, among other reasons, the monkey does a better job than the engineer!

  • We already agreed the monkey follows a system better than the engineer.
  • The engineer, though, have the skills to develop the perfect system for the monkey to trade.

Wonderful combination!

Like any outstanding engineering project, the basic specifications have to be written in stone with due care.

The system had to be:

  1. Simple;
  2. Frugal;
  3. Strong;
  4. Reliable.

In short, the “Model T of the Forex Trading World”!

The system, after many, many, many exhaustive tweaks and tests, came out precisely as specified, including the due superlatives:

  1. Extremely simple;
  2. Extremely frugal;
  3. Extremely strong;
  4. Extremely reliable.

It’s called, understandably, “The Model T Forex Trading System!”

Now… Let’s wish Dr. Tumbili good luck!

Thanks for watching…


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