Model T Trading System Specifications

Model T Specifications

At this point, you might be expecting the system’s specifications…



Yes, the Model T Forex Trading System specifications. I knew you were paying attention…

Now… I want you to remember what we said here:

  • “… we’ll dissect its specifications together, so you may post your opinion and help us all make it simpler and better. Yes, we’ll use reverse-engineering… so to speak!”

So… we’ll dissect the whole enchilada at the blog! 

Little by little we’ll understand the few bits and pieces of the Model T Trading System.

Why? Do we really need to do this?

To be bluntly honest, no.

It would be a lot easier if I gave you the robot for immediate download. In a matter of seconds, you’d be trading on auto-pilot!

There are lots of people selling robots online. Many promise the stars (I bumped into one forecasting 8,000% in one week!). But I also believe some are fairly decent, and a few might even be really great.

In due time, if you show interest we can start talking about them, and even include a review session.


Our Proposition

What we’re doing here, though, is a completely different proposition:

  • We will learn, together, to be 100% in charge of our Residual Income (if any) generated by trading forex.

By getting into somebody else’s hands, would we really be able to, for instance:

  • Understand why and when to adjust risk exposure in times of misbehaving volatility? No, I guess not…
  • Adapt parameters to different currency pairs? Hmmm… no…
  • Reduce anxiety to monkeys’ levels? Definitely no…
  • Roam around Europe on a 911 (in the company of other fellow traders and their own 911s) while trading forex on auto-pilot? No… of course not!

So, it’s a no brainer. We have to work on our own project.

And here are the project’s steps:

  1. We’ll start our reverse-engineering process by posting the 2012 performance of the Model T System;
  2. For every significant result we find, we’ll analyse its causes and understand its settings;
  3. We’ll adjust the 2012 parameters to fit 2013 expectations;
  4. We’ll confirm each parameter based on the 2013 ongoing reality;
  5. In due time we’ll end up dissecting the system, and writing down its specifications;
  6. Finally, based on such specifications we’ll build our final project, the R3D3 robot;
  7. Last but not least, we’ll set up our Forex Trading Room on a mobile 911 Blue Box. Cool!

Sounds good? Very well… let’s get to work.

Thanks for being here…


See you at the next page: Results.