The Engineer

The Engineer

Are We Engineers Really Bad Forex Traders?

Don’t get me wrong: engineers are smart. Well, we’re probably more intelligent than smart, or we wouldn’t be beaten by lawyers on income… many times over!

And by, of course, this fascinating game called forex trading!

We learned how to think “clearly”, “simplify procedures”, “apply Cartesian creativity”.

Or at least we should have learned!

The camel, for instance, was initially a horse’s project… designed, of course, by an engineering committee!

A classic inside joke, right? Right, but, unfortunately, it’s not much of a joke… really!

Even though we think we know better (there’s a certain excessive pride regarding our skills), the great majority of us still have a 9 to 5 job, a retirement plan losing money since 2008, and, the lucky ones, a low six figure savings account barely yielding 2% a year, way below inflation…

But… Why?

Well, I really don’t know why. But we may start with an uncomfortable question:

  • Why are we “engineers” in the first place?

Many of us might come up with answers like:

  • Passion for building, or manufacturing;
  • Good in Math;
  • Because of my family’s business;
  • My mechanical skills;
  • I’ve always been a practical scientist;
  • My parents thought I’d make a great engineer!

Only Engineers? Of course not… it’s just a metaphor. Doctors, Scientists, Lawyers, Professors… you name it!

This group needs to be saluted and cheered for. Let’s wish them good luck for doing precisely what they love to do, and being good at it!

Now, and again…


Why Are We “Engineers”?

For many of the rest of us, I think we are engineers to play it SAFE in life!

Think about it. We go through all the studying troubles for what seems to be 150 years in a row, absorbing the whole enchilada schools throw mercilessly at us, to then start to work as a “junior something” at some obscure place where they are all – you guessed –  boring “engineers”. And we don’t even like what we do!

If we do all this not even liking what we’re doing, it’s because we’re doing it for the money.

For the MONEY?!?

Come on, let’s be serious!

Among the metaphorical “engineers”, for doctors it’s even worse!

They study more, suffer more, work more, and have a perennial sword ready to cut their heads off. Call it “malpractice lawsuit” or anything else you want, for which they pay an exorbitant amount of money in yearly premiums (something like the price of a house!), called “malpractice insurance”… to MAKE MONEY?!?

Back to Earth, people! We do this for FEAR!

At least I did it for fear. I’m now totally convinced.

  • The more we study, the more we know, the SAFER we feel! We are mass-produced to play it SAFE!”

Now… the tricky question:

  • Is it – or is it not – somehow inconvenient to play it SAFE in the Forex Trading game?

Not so fast… if you think you know the answer!

Thanks for being here…


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