Engineer x Monkey Trader

Engineer x Monkey

Here we’ll talk about the unique mind set of each trader.

We’ll get to know why the first is a stubborn loser while the other is a consistent winner, not even realizing it!

No fear of losing, and discipline in following anything you throw at them, are key elements that give monkeys the proper edge over engineers.


Losing the fear of losing, and discipline in following what sometimes seems counter-intuitive, are key elements for engineers to catch up with monkeys.

Simple as that? We’ll see…

Can engineers be winners?

Sure they can… if only the could become monkeys!

By the way, we have to name our friends. How about:

  • “Luke” for the Engineer (yes, it’s me, so I’ll avoid offending any of my distinguished colleagues), and…
  • “Dr. Tumbili” (in Swahili) for our friend, the Monkey Trader?

The whole adventure is about to get started. I just can’t wait…


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