Building The Robot

Building The Robot

Here we’ll build our robot, based on the Model T Forex Trading System.

It will work for us while we’re in Europe riding our 911 Trading Room.

Yes, we’ll “build” it, meaning we’ll get to know and understand each step of the way to our residual income.

What’s a trading robot?

It’s a piece of software (don’t panic, can be easily learned!) that we setup to trade the Model T System for us.

Our robot – let’s name him R3D3 for now – trades forex with no emotions, no poor judgement, no intuitions, no runs to the bathroom!

It’s exactly like our friend Dr. Tumbili, the Monkey Trader: disciplined, regardless of what we throw at him!

Plus, we’ll save the bananas… and the occasional runs to the bathroom!

Will he create residual income for us?

We’ll see…

Once again, I can’t wait to get started…


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