Forex Trading Made Simple

Forex Made Simple

Hello there!

I’m very glad you are here, at “Forex Trading Made Simple”.

Please notice I said Simple… not Easy. I wish somebody had said things like “simple” when I started my forex adventure. But, unfortunately, nobody did!

This blog starts with a tribute.

I’m a huge fan of Chris Farrell, an English chap from London, now established in LA.

He was voted the #1 Internet Marketing coach by IM Report Card for several years in a row. Why?

  • Is he the most knowledgeable Internet person alive? No… (He’d say: Heck, NOOOO!…)
  • Is he some sort of weird nerdy wizard, inventing Generation 5 Facebookee? No…
  • Is he some genius master mind, IQ 180, ready for tele-transportation? Hmmm… No…

Then what?

He had two basic things when he started:

  1. The sheer determination to “make money online”;
  2. The need to “focus on one thing at a time”, just to simplify what he called information overload!

He understood the power of those two concepts. What makes him extremely successful today are two important skills:

  1. He turns into “simple” what sometimes is not so “easy”;
  2. And he knows how to teach it!

Simple as that!

Now back to us.

By replicating and adapting Chris’ model, we end up with:

  1. Create “residual income trading forex”;
  2. Focus on one thing at a time, avoiding information overload;
  3. Simplify, simplify, simplify!

I’m leaving the “teaching” part behind. I’m not here to teach – as you already know – but to learn!

It took me years to understand the power and the implications of these three statements. That’s why I’m glad you’re here, at this very first chapter of our adventure together.

Most people would’ve jumped at the Robot immediately. But if they don’t understand how it’s built, guess what? They’ll end up with “another” boss called… “Forex Trading”!

I know we all want results today, but forex hides a very tricky paradox:

  • It can be the simplest thing on Earth to trade, and yet the most vicious animal to ever bite you!

But, as I said, if we take one thing at a time there are serious chances we’ll enjoy that Porsche while trading!

Is that a promise? Heck, noooo!…

The real experiment here, the REAL purpose of the WHOLE blog, is to find, together, the answer to a simple question:

“How to create residual income trading forex?”

Thanks for watching!


See you at the next page: The Beginning.