Financial Freedom Trading Forex?

  I started writing our weekly post about Tuscany, when I thought to myself: is Financial Freedom Trading Forex REALLY possible? Can I take all the time I want to enjoy my beloved Tuscany, to walk around hand-in-hand with Marjorie, laughing and chatting, extracting myself completely from the trading room and the robot? Roaming around […]

On The Contrary – Part 1

Nice to see you here, at the first of the “What If…” challenges. As you know, Dr. Tumbili is now handling the Model T Forex Trading System, operating it flawlessly. A+ to our friend… I’m really impressed! But – and, remember, there’s always a “but” – a not-so-friendly guy called Mr. Market has been kicking […]

Welcome To What If

Sometimes I catch myself staring at my forex screens… and thinking! To my daughters, whenever they say “Dad, I was thinking…”, I immediately intervene with: “That’s good, that’s very good!” – and they get mildly crazy with: “Dad, come on… let me talk!” Daughters! They all wanna “talk”! 😉 Yes, thinking about… “What if…” And there you […]