Stocks x Forex – Part 3

This “Stocks x Forex – Part 3” is dedicated, finally, to the subject in hand: Forex Trading! My decision to start trading currencies was fairly simple – not to say “simplistic” – and somehow straightforward.   Finances According To Engineers Let’s start with some darn Cartesian logic, shall we? Here it goes… The story starts […]

Stocks x Forex – Part 2

In the late ’90s and the early Millennium, I used to play golf – this time in Florida – with an enjoyable group of older gentlemen… and Paul, a dear friend of mine and my family. A few months before the “DOT COM” bubble burst, though, we were at the nineteenth hole enjoying the usual […]

Stocks x Forex – Part 1

I grew up in a privileged environment, and I thank my parents for that. From infancy till my mid-teens I used to play tennis competitively, but once in a while I’d play golf, just for fun. The theory at the time (a long time ago, I must say) was that tennis would badly interfere with […]