Results – Apr’29 to May’05, 2013

Profitable week (we haven’t seen those for quite a while), and a very healthy 156,1% profit since January 2012. We can’t complain, can we? Why was I almost sure that, the moment we’d reduce risk exposure, we’d immediately have a profitable week? 😉 Life is fun… and I enjoy every minute of it! Even the […]

Results – Apr’22 to Apr’28, 2013

Things changed in the market, all right… this is more than obvious to everybody involved in Forex Trading nowadays. I agree only up to a certain point, though. My opinion is that these changes are significant, of course, but not up to totally defy and defeat Statistics. Why do I say that? Volatility is a […]

Results – Apr’15 to Apr’21, 2013

Two shoe salesmen were sent to Africa. After one week, both called headquarters. The first: “I’m going back home. No hope selling shoes. Nobody wears them here!” And the second: “Send more shoes. Big opportunity. Nobody wears them here!” There are, as usual, two ways of seeing things. I can be sad for last week’s […]

Results – Apr’08 to Apr’14, 2013

I’m following The Masters, as probably most of you are. And once again, we have to learn from the champions! Today is Saturday, April 13. Tiger Woods made a mistake yesterday, dropping in the slightly wrong position at the 15th hole, and received a 2 stroke penalty. The great majority of us engineers would try […]

Results – Apr’01 to Apr’07, 2013

Hello there! First forex trading week for Dr. Tumbili. He traded flawlessly, and I’m so glad he did. I’m not going to talk and talk about results. I’ll just post them, and if you have any doubt, please write a comment. I’ll be thrilled to answer back.   Slippage & Spreads I’ve only one small […]