Financial Freedom Trading Forex?

  I started writing our weekly post about Tuscany, when I thought to myself: is Financial Freedom Trading Forex REALLY possible? Can I take all the time I want to enjoy my beloved Tuscany, to walk around hand-in-hand with Marjorie, laughing and chatting, extracting myself completely from the trading room and the robot? Roaming around […]

Trading Forex From Tuscany

Be highly suspicious on the subject. Tuscany is my Homeland! If you don’t want wonderful surprises in your life, skip this session. I’ll spoil you with images and comments about “what life could be about” if, and only if, you dare to dream about mixing Forex with art, poetry, wine, sights, music and painstakingly good […]

Build A Hot Rod

Think about it. You used to trade Forex on your own, live, no monkeys’ help, sweating and cursing at all tiny fluctuations. A real engineer! Then you stumbled upon this blog. You decided to follow it. You engaged in monkeys’ trading styles, to finally get rid of all your tensions, building your own Simple Robot! […]

Welcome To Life After Robots

Hello Friends! Yes, YES!… Welcome to the most important of our categories: the “Life After Robots”! The thing is: neither Forex Trading is something to be taken lightly, as we know by now, nor are all the residual income “day-after” matters… for that matter! 😉 In this session we’ll discuss what to do AFTER we […]