Financial Freedom Trading Forex?

  I started writing our weekly post about Tuscany, when I thought to myself: is Financial Freedom Trading Forex REALLY possible? Can I take all the time I want to enjoy my beloved Tuscany, to walk around hand-in-hand with Marjorie, laughing and chatting, extracting myself completely from the trading room and the robot? Roaming around […]

Stocks x Forex – Part 3

This “Stocks x Forex – Part 3” is dedicated, finally, to the subject in hand: Forex Trading! My decision to start trading currencies was fairly simple – not to say “simplistic” – and somehow straightforward.   Finances According To Engineers Let’s start with some darn Cartesian logic, shall we? Here it goes… The story starts […]

Stocks x Forex – Part 2

In the late ’90s and the early Millennium, I used to play golf – this time in Florida – with an enjoyable group of older gentlemen… and Paul, a dear friend of mine and my family. A few months before the “DOT COM” bubble burst, though, we were at the nineteenth hole enjoying the usual […]

Stocks x Forex – Part 1

I grew up in a privileged environment, and I thank my parents for that. From infancy till my mid-teens I used to play tennis competitively, but once in a while I’d play golf, just for fun. The theory at the time (a long time ago, I must say) was that tennis would badly interfere with […]

Slippage And Spreads

Hello Friends! Let me get back to the Slippage and Spreads subject we’re talking about last Monday, April 8th. I was just saying I’ve been a bit upset about this matter for a little while. Let’s talk about Oanda, a top notch broker with a strong reputation and a very, very solid foundation. So, just […]

The “Heavy” Traders Story

Hi, there! Today I’d like to bring something amazing to your attention. A phenomenon that has been happening recently, with a certain surprising frequency, to all the nice people trading forex for a living… or for fun! It’s the story of The “Heavy” Traders. Please take a good look at yesterday’s (Apr 9, 2013) EUR/USD […]

Technical Analysis

Now that we had a little fun getting to know Dr. Tumbili’s harsh view on Wall Street, and we know the “real” History behind Technical Analysis, this next session will definitely put things under perspective. Right? Yeah, riiight!… 😉 Let’s scale it down a bit, shall we? The idea, of course, is to neither get […]

Hello From Luke

Hello Friends, Here’s Luke again, this time to introduce you to a new session called “Forex According To Luke”. I apologize in advance for not being as informative and clear as Dr. Tumbili’s session. But, as you noticed already, Dr. Tumbili trades without emotion… even though he’s more than emotional and opinionated on anything else! […]