Bollinger Bands As Model T Second Indicator

Most people use the Bollinger Bands as their one and only indicator. Of course there are virtually Millions of ways to do that. But just out of the blue, take a look how cool the simplest “Bollinger Band System” could be: Choose ANY time frame. Fractal geometry really works! Take the first trade when price […]

Choosing The First Indicator

After defining the Model T identity in life, here we are, trying to pick an Indicator. And choosing the first indicator obviously depends on the System’s personality. But why do we need indicators in the first place? Well… for start, if you want a robot, you need a “mechanical” system. In other words, a beast […]

Model T Forex Trading Identity

The creation of a Model T Forex Trading identity started, more than anything else, by including our own – Dr. Tumbili’s and mine – personality! Maybe it was more of a soul search. The understanding of what ticked in our minds… what made our feet move or stay put. “What?! Whaaaaaat?!?“ – you ask. Fair […]

The Ideal Time Frame

Choosing the ideal time frame gets down to the Model T Forex Trading System sheer objectives. The time frame will, at the end of the day, define it’s personality! 😉 Let’s get over the easy parts… It’s not an “investment system”, therefore Monthly, Weekly and even Daily are discarded. So, it’s a “trading” system. We’ll […]

Choosing The Pairs To Trade

Choosing the pairs to trade was a natural sequel to the “Market Hours” story. After deciding “when” to trade, a found “what” to trade! More like the monkey would do, rather than the engineer… isn’t it? 😉 Anyway… Back in 2005, when my adventure started, the EUR/USD pair was commanding 50% of the whole Forex […]

Model T Forex Market Hours

We’ll start our journey by dissecting the Model T Forex Market Hours. “Why on Earth do you wake up at 3:30 AM every morning? This in not life!” – is what I hear, once in a while, from friends who – I suspect – wouldn’t switch places with me. 😉 In 2005, at the start […]

What’s Next

I started blogging consistently on April 1st, precisely 30 days ago. The response from you has been awesome! Apparently “somebody” is reading this enchilada! I’m fairly new at blogs, as you can see. But “professional” bloggers say that this things start precisely like that. A little bit of traffic (it’s where I am), later on […]

Welcome To Deconstructing Model T

“Deconstructing Model T” is the bread and butter of this blog. Here we’ll use reverse-engineering to understand why the Model T Forex Trading System evolved from “total complexity” to “extreme simplicity” over time. This is precisely the main difference between the engineer and the monkey. Evolution is an opposite concept for both of them: The […]