Can I Fire My Boss, Trading Forex?

Sure you can! Not today, though, if that’s what you’re thinking… Hi, I’m Luke, and this is the very beginning of a fantastic online adventure! I’ve been trading forex every day since 2005. Am I good at it? Heck, no! Nobody is good at this! Even George Soros threw the towel a couple of times so […]

Monkeys Trade Better? Come On…

I knew you were listening! Yes, monkeys make better traders than engineers. Teach them to press a button when the alarm goes off, give them a banana, and send them home at trading day’s end. Tomorrow it’s all over again. That’s it! Engineers love to complicate things. They’ll start with “fundamentals”, and they’ll keep going […]

Which Of These Two Blue Boxes?

Exactly! Which of these two Blue Boxes you would rather trade forex from? The dull, politically correct, impersonal office building… or the cool, sexy Porsche 911, while roaming around Europe? That seems to be a no brainer, right? Now let’s talk about how we’ll do it. Welcome to My Blue Box and My Forex Trading Room! […]