Can I Fire My Boss, Trading Forex?


Sure you can! Not today, though, if that’s what you’re thinking…

Hi, I’m Luke, and this is the very beginning of a fantastic online adventure!

I’ve been trading forex every day since 2005. Am I good at it?

Heck, no! Nobody is good at this! Even George Soros threw the towel a couple of times so far – and he is the best!

That said, we’re ready to start the fascinating journey into forex trading and its potential to generate residual income!

“Hey, wait a second! Residual income? Didn’t you just say…”

Yes, I did – and you’re right! But here’s what we’ll do. We will…

  1. Understand that being good at it has nothing to do with our chances to consistently trade forex;
  2. Create a trading system, simple to fix and strong enough to handle rough roads;
  3. Build a robot to trade for us, therefore creating our residual income!

Paradise Island

Then – and only THEN – we’ll fully enjoy Paradise Island! Or roaming around Europe on a blue Porsche, for that matter…


Confused? Well, Probably So…

… but hopefully not for long.

I’ll be telling you my story while we go along with this blog. For now, just a couple of things about me:

  1. I LOVE what I do, and I am passionate about doing it better and better;
  2. I love simplicity;
  3. I wish I had started my forex adventure with the clear vision I have today;
  4. I’m here to learn, not to teach;
  5. And by the way, I’m NOT a consultant, professional trader, Wall Street big shot, forex expert of ANY kind, etc, so feel free NOT to follow ANYTHING I say here;
  6. I’d love to share trading experiences… with either “engineers” or “monkeys” (keep reading, and you’ll know what I’m talking about);
  7. Oh yes, before I forget: I’m NOT selling ANYTHING!

“Why are you doing this?” – you might be asking.

Fair enough. I’m doing it to become a better trader!

To learn while I write… while I organize my thoughts to say something here, instead of just blabbing – instead of just wasting your time. And to learn with you!

The simple idea that you’re reading (and hopefully participating) is the incentive I need to do better. You’ll see… My guess is that this blog will become better and better over time.

Fine? Great!… Let’s move on.


I’ve been developing this theory that “monkeys trade better than engineers” (yes, you guessed right: I’m an engineer!).

Why? Simplicity, I’m convinced. Oh yes, and discipline… lots of it!

From now on, we’ll be talking about:

  • “The Engineer x The Monkey Trader”;
  • “Forex Trading Made Simple”;
  • “Residual Income Trading Forex”.

See you at the next post. Thanks for being here…



  1. Hi Luke, interesting blog and sharing!
    Also an engineer, I’m still on my journey learning to generate consistent residual incomes from Forex.
    Though I have some bad experience with Martingale EA previously, I have not given up on learning Forex (either manually or thru robot).
    Look forward to more of your posts and monkey robot!
    Joseph (Singapore)

    • Hi Joseph…

      Thanks a million for your comment! Just saw it, and I’m really sorry it took so long to reply.

      I’m busy building my blogs about residual income… I’m kind of fed up with Forex volatility… and its tasteless present nonsense! 😉

      My suggestion… Keep trading Forex, of course (it’s still fun, and better days will come for sure), but try to diversify and also build residual income elsewhere.

      Just follow me on some other fun stuff, like my blogs, and we can have fun together!

      TWO engineers fighting the odds!!! FANTASTIC!!! 😉


      Sorry for the TOO LONG reply…

      Saluti carissimi,

      PS: Anxious for your feedback!…

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