Build A Hot Rod

Factory Five '33 Hot Rod

Think about it.

You used to trade Forex on your own, live, no monkeys’ help, sweating and cursing at all tiny fluctuations. A real engineer!

Then you stumbled upon this blog.

You decided to follow it. You engaged in monkeys’ trading styles, to finally get rid of all your tensions, building your own Simple Robot!


Then, just like that, the infamous words came about: “And now what?”

In desperate search for clues you came back here, at the “Life After Robots” session, THE place for post-residual-income suggestions for all those nice fellows who freed themselves from Forex day-trading, due to their own R3D3s!…

You’ll still keep an eye on things, of course – we humans are creatures of habits – but now you have a bunch of free time in your hands. And, since you’re smart, very smart, you need something – anything – to do BEFORE the “significant other” takes control of your time, and tells you what to do with it according to his – or her – convenience!

It happens, believe me – it happens ALL the time! Never show idleness: people will immediately find you something to do with your own time… 😉

“Since you’re doing nothing, would you please go buy some bread at the grocery store? And take the trash out, will you?” – Sounds familiar? Never happened to me (I’m ALWAYS busy), but I heard stories…

Why do you think I’m starting this session WAY before we even dream of having a trading robot? You can’t be too cautious about these matters, that’s why!

Anyway… here’s an idea:

  • You understood everything about deconstructing Model Ts;
  • But then you thought to yourself: “So simple. Now I’m wondering: would it be that simple to reconstruct it back?” – this time, though, you’re thinking about the CAR itself!
  • And then you realize, just like that: “I LOVE cars!”

And there you have it! All of a sudden, going wild on your newly acquired knowledge about “simple things”, you decide to build… a HOT ROD!

Yeeeeehhh! Congratulations… you did it! You now understand the meaning of life!

Need some help on that?

Take a good look at this, and dream about it this next weekend.


Factory Five MK4 Roadster

Factory Five GTM
Factory Five Type 65 Coupe

They’re all kits (including the ’33 Hot Rod at the top of the page) made by Factory Five, one of the best in the business.

D’you think they’ll cost you an arm and a leg? Well… think again!

Thanks for watching…



  1. Whit(ish) Fiat Palio . . .
    My Bro’s new (re-invented) wheels . . .
    A little “out of the box” engineering . . .
    The both are mete, one for the other . . .
    A new thing! Creation! A Hot Rod! . . .
    MY Hot Rod!
    I’m on my way back Bro!
    You’ve evangelised me . . .
    I love this stuff!
    Brruuuummmm! Brruuuummmm!
    Toodle “PiPs”.

    • Ivan… my poet friend from Belfast!

      Tell me: I can’t see you putting a lot of thought on what you write. Therefore, I deduct it’s ALL raw TALENT!!

      YOU liked Hot Rods?!? Naaaahh… I don’t think so! But there’s always hope…

      Thanks for your GREAT messages. Have a fabulous weekend, Bro…

      Toodle pips to you too… lol…

  2. Must be raw something Luca ’cause I have never had a well considered
    nor a considerately constructed thought or opinion in my life! He! Hee!

    Toodle PiPs.

    • An Irishman with NO opinion?!? Naaahh… can’t swallow that! OK, I understand the “non-constructed opinion”, but still…

      Have fun, Ivan. Saluti carissimi…

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