Stocks x Forex – Part 2

In the late ’90s and the early Millennium, I used to play golf – this time in Florida – with an enjoyable group of older gentlemen… and Paul, a dear friend of mine and my family. A few months before the “DOT COM” bubble burst, though, we were at the nineteenth hole enjoying the usual […]

Stocks x Forex – Part 1

I grew up in a privileged environment, and I thank my parents for that. From infancy till my mid-teens I used to play tennis competitively, but once in a while I’d play golf, just for fun. The theory at the time (a long time ago, I must say) was that tennis would badly interfere with […]

Results – Apr’15 to Apr’21, 2013

Two shoe salesmen were sent to Africa. After one week, both called headquarters. The first: “I’m going back home. No hope selling shoes. Nobody wears them here!” And the second: “Send more shoes. Big opportunity. Nobody wears them here!” There are, as usual, two ways of seeing things. I can be sad for last week’s […]

Build A Hot Rod

Think about it. You used to trade Forex on your own, live, no monkeys’ help, sweating and cursing at all tiny fluctuations. A real engineer! Then you stumbled upon this blog. You decided to follow it. You engaged in monkeys’ trading styles, to finally get rid of all your tensions, building your own Simple Robot! […]

Welcome To Deconstructing Model T

“Deconstructing Model T” is the bread and butter of this blog. Here we’ll use reverse-engineering to understand why the Model T Forex Trading System evolved from “total complexity” to “extreme simplicity” over time. This is precisely the main difference between the engineer and the monkey. Evolution is an opposite concept for both of them: The […]

On The Contrary – Part 1

Nice to see you here, at the first of the “What If…” challenges. As you know, Dr. Tumbili is now handling the Model T Forex Trading System, operating it flawlessly. A+ to our friend… I’m really impressed! But – and, remember, there’s always a “but” – a not-so-friendly guy called Mr. Market has been kicking […]

Welcome To What If

Sometimes I catch myself staring at my forex screens… and thinking! To my daughters, whenever they say “Dad, I was thinking…”, I immediately intervene with: “That’s good, that’s very good!” – and they get mildly crazy with: “Dad, come on… let me talk!” Daughters! They all wanna “talk”! 😉 Yes, thinking about… “What if…” And there you […]

Results – Apr’08 to Apr’14, 2013

I’m following The Masters, as probably most of you are. And once again, we have to learn from the champions! Today is Saturday, April 13. Tiger Woods made a mistake yesterday, dropping in the slightly wrong position at the 15th hole, and received a 2 stroke penalty. The great majority of us engineers would try […]

Welcome To Life After Robots

Hello Friends! Yes, YES!… Welcome to the most important of our categories: the “Life After Robots”! The thing is: neither Forex Trading is something to be taken lightly, as we know by now, nor are all the residual income “day-after” matters… for that matter! 😉 In this session we’ll discuss what to do AFTER we […]

Slippage And Spreads

Hello Friends! Let me get back to the Slippage and Spreads subject we’re talking about last Monday, April 8th. I was just saying I’ve been a bit upset about this matter for a little while. Let’s talk about Oanda, a top notch broker with a strong reputation and a very, very solid foundation. So, just […]

The “Heavy” Traders Story

Hi, there! Today I’d like to bring something amazing to your attention. A phenomenon that has been happening recently, with a certain surprising frequency, to all the nice people trading forex for a living… or for fun! It’s the story of The “Heavy” Traders. Please take a good look at yesterday’s (Apr 9, 2013) EUR/USD […]

Why The Blue Porsche 911?

I’ve been asked this question more than once. Sometimes it comes more elaborate… “Luke, I don’t get it. I know your hobby is cars, but you’re Italian, as was Enzo Ferrari, Ferruccio Lamborghini! Why on Earth are you focusing on a 911? It’s dated, has been around for the last 50 years, it’s not impressive anymore! […]

Results – Apr’01 to Apr’07, 2013

Hello there! First forex trading week for Dr. Tumbili. He traded flawlessly, and I’m so glad he did. I’m not going to talk and talk about results. I’ll just post them, and if you have any doubt, please write a comment. I’ll be thrilled to answer back.   Slippage & Spreads I’ve only one small […]

Technical Analysis

Now that we had a little fun getting to know Dr. Tumbili’s harsh view on Wall Street, and we know the “real” History behind Technical Analysis, this next session will definitely put things under perspective. Right? Yeah, riiight!… 😉 Let’s scale it down a bit, shall we? The idea, of course, is to neither get […]

A Brief View Of Wall Street

Dr. Tumbili scribbled on his notepad, in a moment of angry hunger, this entertaining article called “A Brief View of Wall Street”. I wanted to publish it, just to show you that monkeys have strong opinions as well… even though, sometimes, they seem a bit bizarre! I’ll post some of my own inputs, once in a while, as […]

Hello From Luke

Hello Friends, Here’s Luke again, this time to introduce you to a new session called “Forex According To Luke”. I apologize in advance for not being as informative and clear as Dr. Tumbili’s session. But, as you noticed already, Dr. Tumbili trades without emotion… even though he’s more than emotional and opinionated on anything else! […]

Hello From Dr. Tumbili

Hello Friends, I am Daktari Tumbili – or Dr. Tumbili, the Monkey Trader! Luke kindly invited me to be part of this fantastic blogging thing that he’s so excited about. I loved the idea, and here I am. I just hope to be useful, though, since my real expertise is in “bananas”. My work at […]

Welcome To The Blog!

Hello there… and welcome to the Blog! Dr. Tumbili and I are really delighted you’re here, following “this” – what seems to be, at first glance, a total forex trading nonsense! Little by little, though, you’ll find yourself smiling at something that happened to you as well: “Funny, it’s EXACTLY as they described!”… Over time, […]

Can I Fire My Boss, Trading Forex?

Sure you can! Not today, though, if that’s what you’re thinking… Hi, I’m Luke, and this is the very beginning of a fantastic online adventure! I’ve been trading forex every day since 2005. Am I good at it? Heck, no! Nobody is good at this! Even George Soros threw the towel a couple of times so […]

Monkeys Trade Better? Come On…

I knew you were listening! Yes, monkeys make better traders than engineers. Teach them to press a button when the alarm goes off, give them a banana, and send them home at trading day’s end. Tomorrow it’s all over again. That’s it! Engineers love to complicate things. They’ll start with “fundamentals”, and they’ll keep going […]

Which Of These Two Blue Boxes?

Exactly! Which of these two Blue Boxes you would rather trade forex from? The dull, politically correct, impersonal office building… or the cool, sexy Porsche 911, while roaming around Europe? That seems to be a no brainer, right? Now let’s talk about how we’ll do it. Welcome to My Blue Box and My Forex Trading Room! […]