About Me & My Blog

Hello There! I’m Luke Eugene, an engineer who happens to have fun trading forex. This blog is all about exploring our chances to, realistically, create “Residual Income” out of it. I’m really happy to see you here!


This is me, in no mood for pips...

This is me, in no mood for pips

The Beginning

I started trading forex in 2005. Up until then, I had a regular entrepreneurial life, with all the ups and downs related to something that, in great part, I wasn’t enjoying much.

I won’t tell you that story.

It would be like showing the 287 pages of your wedding photo album to newly acquired friends, immediately after dinner. You won’t see them again if you do it… guaranteed!

But anyway, in 2005 I decided that forex trading was exactly what I was looking for, after getting rid of the regular business world. You’ll get to know the details in the blog, if and when they become relevant to the subject in hand.


Still me, searching pips...

Still me, now searching for pips

The Alter Ego

You’ll see me joking here and there with engineers x monkeys, blue Porsches in Europe, some ongoing “enchilada”, etc…

It’s understandable. My Italian blood is all over the place, you’ll see. It will show its face, with all its shiny red shades, during the enthusiastic but frustrating beginning of my forex trading carrier… and it will continue its boiling journey throughout the crossroads that all traders have to face someday, somehow!

That’s why I created this character – a sort of  “trader’s action-figure” – called Daktari Tumbili, or Dr. Tumbili – the Monkey Trader. He’s more of an alter ego, a friend with whom I may confide, and to whom I may confess all my trading sins… and there are plenty of them! In short, the trader I still dream to become someday!


Where I live, enjoying them...

Where I live, enjoying the pips I find

A Fabulous Challenge

Don’t misunderstand, though.

I REALLY love to trade forex. It’s a challenge like no other I faced in my life! And I LOVE challenges!

The millions of  books, forums, seminars, chats, trading coaching… are all long gone.

It seems like I read all the books, attended all the seminars, did ALL there was to be done to learn and understand the mysteries of this fascinating art. And I came to the conclusion that this journey was way more intense and challenging than years of Engineering School!


Where I chase the most rebellious...

Where my pips jump up and down


Now I’m definitely at THE most important of those famous crossroads.

I need to seriously assess, once and for all, the two most lethal trading enemies:

  1. Emotion, and
  2. Lack of discipline!

My friend Dr. Tumbili will help a lot. He’ll trade – without emotion and with all the needed discipline – our simple and solid Model T Forex Trading System, a workhorse that we proudly created throughout the years.

But – you’ll see, there’s always a “but” – he’s still a monkey! Even though he’s a much better trader than an engineer, he still has the occasional run to the bathroom, mother-in-law visit, Monkey’s Independence Day parade to attend, etc.

In order to simplify everything, the LAST task towards real residual income will be to develop a robot – or, in other words, a trading software called R3D3. He’ll trade as Dr. Tumbili does, without emotion and with discipline… but with no unforeseen events. And, as a bonus, saving bananas!

Simple as that!


Where they'll soon become "residual"!

Where pips will soon become “residual”!

Why The Blog?

The purpose of the blog is NOT for you to “learn” Forex Trading, or for me to “teach” anything at all, or for us to end up being “better traders”.

There are some fabulous traders, sites, blogs and resources on the Internet for that, and I’ll be the first to recommend the best of the best.

The REAL purpose is to create Residual Income with the simplest Trading System possible. Then build a good “enough” robot to, finally… FREE us from trading! Period.

Why the “simplest”, and why “just” good enough?

Because life is an eternal compromise. You want the “most sophisticated and perfect” System? Great… but you’ll be stuck to it, I promise!

You’ll be the only one to understand it, the only one to know how to maintain it, the only one to be King! And slave!… That’s why Wall Street guys trade their souls first, to then start trading securities. They’re well paid, all right… precisely because they’re on their way to produce a perfect product!

“We want Residual Income and we Trade Forex. Can we make an omelet with these eggs?” That’s what it REALLY is!

I’ll leave to the real pros the task of creating the “best” trading system, or the “best” robot. Why? It’s their job, and I don’t want a job! 😉

And by the way… Do I want to become some kind of a guru, or an “expert”, for that matter?

Oh, no… please, NO! I admire all of them, and they’ll always be better traders. I only wish they can help us in this journey. But, as much as I love trading, I love my life and my freedom better!

I think we’ll have lots of fun developing this robot here, at the blog, together!

Of course, out of respect for you that are watching, and listening, and chatting, and posting, I’ll need to be consistent, organized, and focused, which is the second REAL purpose of this Blog: discipline! 

The discipline to follow through with the Blog will, ultimately, help us achieve our final goal: Residual Income!

Simple as that? Simple as that! Great! We’ll ALL benefit from it. What else?

Oh yes, since you’re somehow curious (you read this enchilada so far, didn’t you?), and you’ve nothing to lose, nothing to pay, and nothing to worry about… please take a couple of seconds to Subscribe to the Blog (there, at the right column), and confirm clicking on the link that I’ll send to your inbox.

Why do you need to confirm? Well… because I’ll know that you’re a “person” and not some kind of automatic spammer, and plus, I won’t be accused of sending you unsolicited emails or, in other words… of being a spammer myself! 😉 And it’s very easy to Unsubscribe, anyway.

The MOST important thing: we’ll have the chance to become friends, and maybe you’ll join me, if all goes well, in this much “dreamed about” Residual Income journey, roaming around Europe at the drivers’ seats of our new offices, each called “My 911 Forex Trading Room!”

Mine is blue! What about yours?

Welcome… and let’s have fun together!