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Results – Jul’08 to Jul’14, 2013

Volatility is still very, very high… as you may notice by the charts. Fortunately, though, the new system allows us to close partial positions, and leave the rest to its destiny. Probably nowadays the “destiny” is not so favorable, but we hope in the near future to have better “destinies”… 😉 Anyway, can’t complain… we’re […]

Results – Jul’01 to Jul’07, 2013

No trades this week. The monkey was absent for the majority of the new system’s trading hours, and those he could’ve traded didn’t produce any signal. Pity… The old system would’ve produced a 1 pip profit… So, pretty much break even. Nothing to gain, nothing to lose.   Here’s the week…   Results Up To […]

Results – Jun’24 to Jun’30, 2013

Well, I’m glad to announce a 2.8% monthly profit during the Month of June, using the new strategy. I know you’d say it’s not much, but for a testing period I think it’s great! One thing that’s very important to be noticed is the number of trades. Out of 16 trades, 12 ended up profitable, […]