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Results – Jun’17 to Jun’23, 2013

One more week confirming that we’re probably in the right direction. NY is REALLY taking over the Currency Trading World, at least for now. It’s all understandable and clear, starting this week. Bernanke announced a slow down on “easy money”, at the same time he’s telling the World America is back on its feet, and […]

Results – Jun’10 to Jun’16, 2013

Amazingly enough, we’re finding the light at the end of a long, LONG tunnel. I don’t want to say too much, since bragging brings bad luck… 😉 Let’s just enjoy results for a while!   Here’s the week…   Results Up To Jun’16, 2013   Charts   Thanks for watching…  

Results – Jun’03 to Jun’09, 2013

This will be short and straightforward… If we had continued with the London enchilada, we’d have faced one more week of the same, lame, stupid losses!… Great to know, isn’t it? I LOVE to post this kind of short notes. Here’s one more: I’ll resume blog posting with a certain regularity, even though not the […]

Results – May’27 to Jun’02, 2013

I spent the last months analyzing the reasons why the Model T Forex Trading System results have been below expectations from September of last year. Taking volatility aside – which is actually something all traders cherish so much (probably NOT at these levels, though! 😉 ) – I came to one sad and unfortunate conclusion: […]