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Results – Apr’29 to May’05, 2013

Profitable week (we haven’t seen those for quite a while), and a very healthy 156,1% profit since January 2012. We can’t complain, can we? Why was I almost sure that, the moment we’d reduce risk exposure, we’d immediately have a profitable week? 😉 Life is fun… and I enjoy every minute of it! Even the […]

Trading Forex From San Gimignano

You are on a mission: prove to the World that you can be Trading Forex from Tuscany… creating Residual Income at the same time! Wow!… This is HUGE! It means, in short, being a trader AND having a life at the SAME time! Today you are in San Gimignano. After leaving the blue 911 at […]

Choosing The Pairs To Trade

Choosing the pairs to trade was a natural sequel to the “Market Hours” story. After deciding “when” to trade, a found “what” to trade! More like the monkey would do, rather than the engineer… isn’t it? 😉 Anyway… Back in 2005, when my adventure started, the EUR/USD pair was commanding 50% of the whole Forex […]

Model T Forex Market Hours

We’ll start our journey by dissecting the Model T Forex Market Hours. “Why on Earth do you wake up at 3:30 AM every morning? This in not life!” – is what I hear, once in a while, from friends who – I suspect – wouldn’t switch places with me. 😉 In 2005, at the start […]