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What’s Next

I started blogging consistently on April 1st, precisely 30 days ago. The response from you has been awesome! Apparently “somebody” is reading this enchilada! I’m fairly new at blogs, as you can see. But “professional” bloggers say that this things start precisely like that. A little bit of traffic (it’s where I am), later on […]

Results – Apr’22 to Apr’28, 2013

Things changed in the market, all right… this is more than obvious to everybody involved in Forex Trading nowadays. I agree only up to a certain point, though. My opinion is that these changes are significant, of course, but not up to totally defy and defeat Statistics. Why do I say that? Volatility is a […]

Trading Forex From Tuscany

Be highly suspicious on the subject. Tuscany is my Homeland! If you don’t want wonderful surprises in your life, skip this session. I’ll spoil you with images and comments about “what life could be about” if, and only if, you dare to dream about mixing Forex with art, poetry, wine, sights, music and painstakingly good […]

Stocks x Forex – Part 3

This “Stocks x Forex – Part 3” is dedicated, finally, to the subject in hand: Forex Trading! My decision to start trading currencies was fairly simple – not to say “simplistic” – and somehow straightforward.   Finances According To Engineers Let’s start with some darn Cartesian logic, shall we? Here it goes… The story starts […]

Stocks x Forex – Part 2

In the late ’90s and the early Millennium, I used to play golf – this time in Florida – with an enjoyable group of older gentlemen… and Paul, a dear friend of mine and my family. A few months before the “DOT COM” bubble burst, though, we were at the nineteenth hole enjoying the usual […]

Stocks x Forex – Part 1

I grew up in a privileged environment, and I thank my parents for that. From infancy till my mid-teens I used to play tennis competitively, but once in a while I’d play golf, just for fun. The theory at the time (a long time ago, I must say) was that tennis would badly interfere with […]

Results – Apr’15 to Apr’21, 2013

Two shoe salesmen were sent to Africa. After one week, both called headquarters. The first: “I’m going back home. No hope selling shoes. Nobody wears them here!” And the second: “Send more shoes. Big opportunity. Nobody wears them here!” There are, as usual, two ways of seeing things. I can be sad for last week’s […]

Build A Hot Rod

Think about it. You used to trade Forex on your own, live, no monkeys’ help, sweating and cursing at all tiny fluctuations. A real engineer! Then you stumbled upon this blog. You decided to follow it. You engaged in monkeys’ trading styles, to finally get rid of all your tensions, building your own Simple Robot! […]

Welcome To Deconstructing Model T

“Deconstructing Model T” is the bread and butter of this blog. Here we’ll use reverse-engineering to understand why the Model T Forex Trading System evolved from “total complexity” to “extreme simplicity” over time. This is precisely the main difference between the engineer and the monkey. Evolution is an opposite concept for both of them: The […]

On The Contrary – Part 1

Nice to see you here, at the first of the “What If…” challenges. As you know, Dr. Tumbili is now handling the Model T Forex Trading System, operating it flawlessly. A+ to our friend… I’m really impressed! But – and, remember, there’s always a “but” – a not-so-friendly guy called Mr. Market has been kicking […]